Jul16 Lonny Magazine: Anatomy of a Room 2014

Lonny Magazine (whose pinterest you should follow for great design inspiration) just did a feature on the anatomy of a sophisticated and playful room.  The room was originally created by DISC Interiors for last year’s Dwell on Design event. So here’s some how-to’s for a sublime nursery such as this one.

To get this look:  “There’s something whimsical about the brass tripod stand—proving you don’t have to be cutesy-cutesy to be mini-person-appropriate. Black-and-white wallpaper is an emphatic “do” for modern-feeling kids’ rooms—the palette offers contrast and versatility, and also ages well. When it comes to cribs, less is definitely more; we love the streamlined silhouette and blonde wood finish of this piece—add a throw with handmade detailing to create interest. A figurative work with a strong sense of character is an easy way to add instant personality and history to a room. The linen ottoman is a straight-up MVP for its all-purpose functionality—use it to put your feet up, for seating, or as a surface for books.”

GreyLikesBaby LonnyMagazine1 Lonny Magazine: Anatomy of a Room

Jul15 Wells 2014

Photographer Amy Rae sent us these maternity and nursery photos that are, as they say, the creme de la creme.  Baby Wells will be able to rest so peacefully in his simple nursery, infused with great design and taste.  This is a true case of ‘less is more’.

GreyLikesBaby AmyRae001 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae002 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae003 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae004 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae005 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae006 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae007 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae008 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae009 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae010 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae011 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae012 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae013 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae014 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae015 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae016 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae017 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae018 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae019 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae020 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae021 Wells GreyLikesBaby AmyRae022 Wells
Photography: Amy Rae Photography 
Crib: Walmart 
Mobile: The Ark
Framed canvas: West Elm  
Credenza: Craigslist
Whale tissue box: Shop Sparkly Pony 
Pictures: Personal Trip to Italy
Taxi Rattle: Estella  
Rhinoceros: West Elm
Rocking chair: Sears 
Curtains: Anthropologie 


Jul11 Hello there, Hunter 2014

EEEEEE I love everything about these. The close up details of gorgeous baby boy Hunter, and the love of his parents. I love the impeccable nursery design, like the wood paneling, unbelievable mobile, and a thousand tones of grey. I love the simplicity of the newborn photos, because all you need for a beautiful image is a beautiful baby! I love it ALL!

Photography: Chelsea Maras
GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras001 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras002 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras003 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras004 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras005 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras006 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras007 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras008 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras009 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras010 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras011 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras012 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras013 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras014 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras015 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras016 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras017 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras018 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras019 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras020 Hello there, Hunter GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras021 Hello there, Hunter

Jun27 Love in Canada 2014

Photographer Sarah Mavro sent us these photos that chronicle a mother and her belly, to a mother and her baby. Their nursery is impeccable and perfectly fit for Casper Bear, with my particular favorites being the mobile and the pine tree blanket. Enjoy!

GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro001 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro002 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro003 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro004 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro005 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro006 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro007 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro008 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro010 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro011 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro012 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro013 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro014 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro015 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro016 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro017 Love in Canada

Jun19 peonies, tulips and sisters 2014

One of our fabulous collective members Alyssa Rosenheck sent us these darling sister photos that are so unique and adorable you’ll simply melt. The creativity that went into making the quirky backdrops is just beyond anything! Alyssa taped tulips on a wall, made ice-cream with peonies, pasted some gorgeous gold polka dots on the wall, and then took some utterly fabulous photos to make us all swoon.
Photography + Styling: Alyssa Rosenheck Photography
GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck001 peonies, tulips and sisters

Photography + Styling: Alyssa Rosenheck Photography
Pink Heart Framed Sweater: J.Crew Kids
White Kids Table: Ikea
Leather Animals: Serena & Lilly
Hot Pink Tassel Dress: Nelly Stella
Flamingo Dress: Zara
Dot Dress: Anthem of the Ants
Orange Dress: Stella McCartney Kids
Shoes: Mini Melissa
Blue Top: Target
Little girls Blue outfit: Masala Baby
Wall Decals: Oh Joy Target
Stuffed Animals: ZidZid
Green Lacquered Hutch: Alexis Bednyak Design
Confetti Balloon, Flamingo Straw, Heart Glass: Shop Sweet Lulu

GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck002 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck003 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck004 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck005 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck006 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck007 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck008 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck009 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck010 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck011 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck012 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck013 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck014 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck015 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck016 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck017 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck018 peonies, tulips and sisters