Oct17 Rag Doll Roundup 2014

I am utterly obsessed with rag dolls. They are really precious with so many perfect tiny little details the exact size of little kid hands. There are lots of quirky little personalities their lovely makers have added including hippie head pieces, super hero masks, leather purses and bright outfits on baby animals.  Here are a few of my favorites:
GreyLikesBabyRagDolls Rag Doll Roundup
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Sep10 Monthly Photos 2014

Monthly photos are all the rage and they can be really cute and such a special treasure to document how your baby grew in the first year. Kelly Lee is an illustrator and has taken her nephews monthly photos to a whole new level. Today we have the first month, we’ll be featuring all 12 at the end of the year :) Stay tuned.
 Monthly Photos

Aug18 Flowery Birthday Party 2014

Alexis from The Shift Creative celebrated her daughter’s first birthday in style.  I feel at a loss for words…honestly just scroll through the photos and you’ll be a worldless mess equally in love with this party as I am.  The background was handmade by Alexis as well as the napkins, table clothes and chargers.

Grace in her heart and flowers in her hair print: One another paper
All design/back drop: The Shift Creative
Floral centerpieces: Lavenders flowers
Cake: Jeanine Hardgrave
Coffee and cart: Lift Coffee Roaster
Photography: Kayla Adams

GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams001 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams002 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams003 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams004 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams005 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams006 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams007 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams008 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams009 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams010 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams011 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams012 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams013 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams014 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams015 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams016 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams017 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams018 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams019 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams020 Flowery Birthday Party

Jun19 peonies, tulips and sisters 2014

One of our fabulous collective members Alyssa Rosenheck sent us these darling sister photos that are so unique and adorable you’ll simply melt. The creativity that went into making the quirky backdrops is just beyond anything! Alyssa taped tulips on a wall, made ice-cream with peonies, pasted some gorgeous gold polka dots on the wall, and then took some utterly fabulous photos to make us all swoon.
Photography + Styling: Alyssa Rosenheck Photography
GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck001 peonies, tulips and sisters

Photography + Styling: Alyssa Rosenheck Photography
Pink Heart Framed Sweater: J.Crew Kids
White Kids Table: Ikea
Leather Animals: Serena & Lilly
Hot Pink Tassel Dress: Nelly Stella
Flamingo Dress: Zara
Dot Dress: Anthem of the Ants
Orange Dress: Stella McCartney Kids
Shoes: Mini Melissa
Blue Top: Target
Little girls Blue outfit: Masala Baby
Wall Decals: Oh Joy Target
Stuffed Animals: ZidZid
Green Lacquered Hutch: Alexis Bednyak Design
Confetti Balloon, Flamingo Straw, Heart Glass: Shop Sweet Lulu

GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck002 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck003 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck004 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck005 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck006 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck007 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck008 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck009 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck010 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck011 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck012 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck013 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck014 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck015 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck016 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck017 peonies, tulips and sisters GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck018 peonies, tulips and sisters


Jun09 Brittany’s Baby Shower 2014

Summer of Grey Likes Weddings and I have two other sisters and both of them are pregnant. Hayley who was due on June 4th is waiting for her third to come, and Summer and I are here in Tennesse waiting for his or her arrival. Our other sister Brittany is due with twin boys on July 4th and a few months back we threw her a baby shower. It was such a perfect day and I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into it’s loveliness.

Flowers by Grey Likes
Photography by T & H Photography

GreyLikesBaby0011 Brittanys Baby Shower
GreyLikesBaby002 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby003 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby004 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby005 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby006 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby007 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby008 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby009 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby010 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby011 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby012 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby013 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby014 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby015 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby016 Brittanys Baby Shower
Here’s another little treat for you…some maternity photos of Brittany and her family photographed by Trever Hoehne
THP BADJONES 0001 Brittanys Baby ShowerTHP BADJONES 0085B Brittanys Baby ShowerTHP BADJONES 0061 Brittanys Baby Shower