Sep12 Stripes for Fall 2014

A few weeks ago we looked at the style caster’s maternity street style and shopped the look! Here’s another one that’s a little less bold and a little more every-day. Enjoy!
GreyLikesBaby GetThisLook2 Stripes for Fall

1. Top Shop Slouchy Cardigan OR Free People Cloudy Day Long Cardigan from Nordstrom. 2. H&M MAMA Jersey Top 3. Seychelles Melancholy Boot 4. Hatch Collection Premium Leggings

Sep11 Kelli Murray 2014

One of our fabulous collective members, Acres of Hope Photography recently took some pictures of the most superb designer, blogger, illustrator and style icon Kelli Murray.  A few month back we did a review of Kelli’s blog because it’s one that you should keep an eye on for baby and momma fashion, nursery design finds and more.

There are no words to say about this shoot except that it is absolutely the berries.  Kelli’s clothes are so adorable, the girls’ matching bright blonde hair and booties are precious, plus Rylee’s clear obsession with her handsome father…it’s heart melting.

GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope001 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope002 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope003 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope004 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope005 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope006 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope007 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope008 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope009 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope010 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope011 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope012 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope013 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope014 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope015 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope016 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope017 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope018 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope019 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope020 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope021 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope022 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope023 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope024 Kelli Murray GreyLikesBaby AcresOfHope025 Kelli Murray

Sep05 Jacadi 2014

Ok, I think it’s time we all admit that we’re obsessed with all things French – including their classy style, language, culture and of course Paris.

The Paris based clothing brand Jacadi has the most tasteful clothing for babies & kids that are perfect for their back-to-school looks. With the school year starting and their refreshed interest in learning your kids will love what Jacadi has developed. If you head to their home page right now you’ll find fun activities for the whole family focused on learning French language and comparing French and American culture. They have come up with the most interactive ways for kids to pick up interesting facts comparing the American and French (and the beginnings of a love for the city of lights).  They review language, school, sports, days of the week, landmarks and more fun facts that are interesting to both us and our children.  So in an effort to create cultured and educated kids let’s have a little fun learning, plus how cute is it to hear your little ones say ‘bonjour’. I might do a  little shopping while I’m there.  Jacadi Here’s my favorite bit of information. The language translations for every day words that your kids can read phonetically.  Jacadi

Sep04 Flowers and Family 2014

Baby Elliot turned one so the family set out to an open field to document their spectacular season of life.  In tow they had fabulous clothing for Elliot, some gorgeous floral headpieces for both mother and daughter, and their big happy smiles ready to shine.

Photography: D.Lillian Photography
Flowers: Botanica Floral Design
Shoes: Freshly Picked
Veils & Headpieces: Wonderfully Stitched
Apparel: Petitbo
GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography001 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography002 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography003 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography004 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography005 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography006 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography007 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography008 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography009 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography010 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography011 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography012 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography013 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography014 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography015 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography016 Flowers and Family

Aug22 Overalls: A Bold Move 2014

Style Caster just did a post with 35 maternity street style photos that are so bold and fresh I knew we all needed to know how to get some of the looks. So here’s one of them:
GreyLikesBaby Overalls: A Bold Move
1. Top Shop Maternity Denim Dungarees 2. Zara Leather Biker Jacket 3. Gap Purebody V-neck T 4. Steve Madden Joplynn Bootie 5. Kate Spade Cedar Street Monday Handbag