Jul16 Lonny Magazine: Anatomy of a Room 2014

Lonny Magazine (whose pinterest you should follow for great design inspiration) just did a feature on the anatomy of a sophisticated and playful room.  The room was originally created by DISC Interiors for last year’s Dwell on Design event. So here’s some how-to’s for a sublime nursery such as this one.

To get this look:  “There’s something whimsical about the brass tripod stand—proving you don’t have to be cutesy-cutesy to be mini-person-appropriate. Black-and-white wallpaper is an emphatic “do” for modern-feeling kids’ rooms—the palette offers contrast and versatility, and also ages well. When it comes to cribs, less is definitely more; we love the streamlined silhouette and blonde wood finish of this piece—add a throw with handmade detailing to create interest. A figurative work with a strong sense of character is an easy way to add instant personality and history to a room. The linen ottoman is a straight-up MVP for its all-purpose functionality—use it to put your feet up, for seating, or as a surface for books.”

GreyLikesBaby LonnyMagazine1 Lonny Magazine: Anatomy of a Room

Jul03 4th Essentials 2014

Are you ready for the day so full of red white & blue, sunshine and sparklers that you might go to bed a little sunburned, and a little tired but with a bucket full of memories to keep forever. I AM!!! Here are some of my favorite essentials for a well equipped 4th of July for you and baby!
GreyLikesBaby 4thofJuly 4th Essentials

1. Anthropologie Tote Bag // 2. Linen Turkish Beach Towel // 3. Wide Brim Sun Hat // 4. Jonas Paul Eyewear Kids Sunglasses // 5. Red Baby Swimsuit // 6. Kids Fashion Birkenstocks // 7. Suzanne Organics Sunscreen // 8. Red White and Blue Trifle

Jun05 Leather and Love 2014

One of our collective members and fave photographers Kati Mallory sent us these nursery and newborn photos that we are obsessed with.  With a graphic design mother, baby Trent was bound to have a spectacular nursery, and sure enough it’s beyond! I adore the Navy chair with the patterned pillow and absolutely spectacular handmade-stitched leather pouf.

Thanks Kati, you’re a star!

GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory001 Leather and Love
Glider in Lagoon: West Elm
Glider pouf: Etsy
Glider pillow case: Amazon
Dresser/ Changing table: Ikea
Crib: Amazon
Crib Sheets: Target
Rug: Ikea
Artwork in Navy: Lindsay Letters
Artwork in Night: Lindsay Letters
Artwork Giraffe: The Animal Print Shop
Artwork Son of the King: Etsy
Deer Head: White Faux Taxidermy
Toy Basket: Target
Bookshelves: Ikea
Lampshade, Vase, Changing Table Picture Frames: Target
Changing Table Mirror and Lamp are Vintage

GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory002 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory003 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory004 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory005 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory006 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory007 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory008 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory009 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory010 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory011 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory012 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory013 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory014 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory015 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory016 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory017 Leather and Love

Jun03 Nest Designs 2014

One of our shop owners is a new obsession of mine! Nest Designs makes the most gorgeous blankets and bibs with fantastic fabrics and the loveliest designs. These beauties are made of a quality bamboo blended material which is super soft, durable, a very breathable material and of course looks great! Blankies can be used as swaddles, covers, or just plain old cuddling. Their bibs are new, and I love the style and neutral fabrics so they’ll fit with any tiny outfit you might choose. The magic blend of function and fashion even for our little ones.

This is the PERFECT shower gift, I’ll take one of everything!  You can see their Grey Likes Baby Shop HERE and check out their website HERE.

GreyLikesBaby Collective NestDesigns0011 Nest Designs GreyLikesBaby Collective NestDesigns0021 Nest Designs GreyLikesBaby Collective NestDesigns0031 Nest Designs GreyLikesBaby Collective NestDesigns0041 Nest Designs GreyLikesBaby Collective NestDesigns0061 Nest Designs GreyLikesBaby Collective NestDesigns0071 Nest Designs GreyLikesBaby Collective NestDesigns0081 Nest Designs

May29 Chicago Nursery 2014

One of our fave photographers Alyssa Rosenheck sent us a nursery and family session of the Chicago Fire’s midfielder Logan Pause and his absolutely beautiful family.  They live in a gorgeous walk-up in the city with exposed brick walls and Vaneesha did such a lovely job decorating it.

Tassel Garland: Confetti System 

Bedding (& changing pad cover) : Ivie Baby 
X Book Case : Land of Nod 
Pouf: Ikram Design  
Curtains: Land of Nod
Changing Dresser: Ikea
Gold Love Blocks: Cabin9 (out of business)
Be Happy Be Bright Be You Print: Sugar Paper LA
Giraffe Print: The Animal Print Shop
Stuffed Elephant doll with tutu- Bla Bla Kids
Grey Blanket with coral heart: Yarning Made
Coral Giraffe on Wheels: The Honest Company 
Gold elephant – DIY spray paint
Gold Heart Head Band: SaraRae Etsy Shop

GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck001 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck002 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck003 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck004 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck005 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck006 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck007 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck008 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck009 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck010 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck011 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck012 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck013 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck014 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck015 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck016 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck017 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck018 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck019 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck020 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck021 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck022 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck023 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck024 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck025 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck026 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck027 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck028 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck029 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck030 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck031 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck032 Chicago Nursery GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck033 Chicago Nursery