Jan27 Ava Grace 2015

Baby Ava, Flowers, Dreamy Nursery, Beautiful Mom…Happy Tuesday.

Photography: Taylor Kinzie
GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography001 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography002 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography003 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography004 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography005 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography006 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography007 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography008 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography009 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography010 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography011 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography012 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography013 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography014 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography015 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography016 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography017 Ava Grace

Jan21 Welcome to the world baby Basil 2015

Precious little Basil Grey entered our world and her parents welcomed her with so much love and a beautiful nursery.

Photos: Redeeming Love Photography

Crib and Crib Bedding: RH Baby & Child
Rug: Pottery Barn Kids
Rocker was recovered by Backyard Furniture in Carrolton, and is an original Ethan Allen
The posters, sign and chandelier are from antique stores
Changing table is an antique from Found Things in Des Moines
Knobs: Anthropologie

GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove001 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove002 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove003 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove004 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove005 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove006 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove007 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove008 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove009 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove010 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove011 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove012 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove013 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove014 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove015 Welcome to the world baby Basil GreyLikesBaby RedeemingLove016 Welcome to the world baby Basil

Dec29 Zoey 2014

Blogger Lindsey Marlor of Pillow Thought recently unveiled the nursery she so beautifully decorated for her daughter Zoey. My favorite little detail is the gold dipped feather mobile. Talk about a dreamy nursery.

GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor001 Zoey

Zoey: Onesie: Old Navy / similar | Headband: Elle Bowtique
Crib:Ikea | Crib Skirt: Restoration Hardware | Crib Sheet: Buy Buy Baby | Pillow: Home Goods
Curtains: Bed Bath & Beyond | White Rocker: Amazon | Accent Table: Tuesday Morning
Rug: Ikea | Swaddle Blanket: Saranoni | Plush Doll: Live Sweet Shop
Mobile &Feather Banner: DIY
Floral Z: DIY -Wood Z from Hobby Lobby or Joannes
^Florals pieces: Michaels/ Hobby Lobby/ Joannes
Dresser: Ikea / spray painted knobs | Paper Flowers:West Elm | Deer Head: Target
Lamp: Home Goods | Diaper Genie: Amazon
White Frame: Kohls | Print: Alice and Ivory
Changing Pad Cover: Lake Street Ave

Read more about the nursery HERE

GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor002 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor003 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor004 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor005 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor006 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor007 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor008 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor009 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor010 Zoey

Dec11 Hello Love 2014

Love this nursery, love these photos, love this family! Happy Thursday!

Photography: BPosh Photo
Floral Crowns: Lemons and Lace
GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto001 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto002 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto003 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto004 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto005 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto006 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto007 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto008 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto009 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto010 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto011 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto012 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto013 Hello Love

Oct16 Knox 2014

Ashley Gain was recently photographed with her new son Knox in the gorgeous nursery they built for him. The big metal K is soooo fabulous, it adds a really fun twist to the frame collage. The old fashioned crib is so timeless below that gorgeous wall art (“Ladies Love a Gentlemen” is my fave). Also her floral robe is killer, I need one.

Photography: Melissa Jill

GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography001 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography002 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography003 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography004 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography005 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography006 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography007 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography008 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography009 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography010 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography011 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography012 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography013 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography014 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography015 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography016 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography017 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography018 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography019 Knox