Aug29 A baby & a golden 2014

Meg Perotti is such a spectacular photographer and she sent some photos over to us recently that I thought you would enjoy.
GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0012 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0022 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0032 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0042 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0052 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0062 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0072 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0082 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0092 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0102 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0112 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0122 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0131 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0141 A baby & a golden

Aug28 A Fox & Arrows 2014

One of our absolute favorites Kayla Adams sent us some family photos that I love and you’ll love! I think my favorites bits of the room are the fox painting and the mobile! How about you?
GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0011 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0021 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0031 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0041 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0051 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0061 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0071 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0081 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0091 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0101 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0111 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0121 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0131 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0141 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0151 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0161 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0171 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0181 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0191 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0201 A Fox & Arrows

Aug12 Designer Nursery 2014

Just a few weeks ago a fabulous blog called Rip+Tan did a feature about the Silver Lake home of an artist/interior designer and a stylist.  As I’m sure you can imagine their entire home is impeccable, so I had to share their daughter James’ nursery because it was just so inspiring.  I appreciate the excellence in design while still maintaining a childish and wild spirit. I must say she is one lucky little lady to be living in such a artful space.
GreyLikesBaby Rip+Tan001 Designer Nursery GreyLikesBaby Rip+Tan002 Designer Nursery GreyLikesBaby Rip+Tan003 Designer Nursery GreyLikesBaby Rip+Tan004 Designer Nursery

Jul22 Welcoming Weston 2014

A precious nursery and a precious family! You know how much I love neutral nurseries so this one makes me particularly happy! Photographed by one of my new favorites, Chelsea Maras.

GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras0011 Welcoming Weston GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras0021 Welcoming Weston GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras0031 Welcoming Weston GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras0041 Welcoming Weston GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras0051 Welcoming Weston GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras0061 Welcoming Weston GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras0071 Welcoming Weston GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras0081 Welcoming Weston GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras0091 Welcoming Weston GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras0101 Welcoming Weston GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras0111 Welcoming Weston GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras0121 Welcoming Weston GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras0131 Welcoming Weston GreyLikesBaby ChelseaMaras0141 Welcoming Weston

Jul16 Lonny Magazine: Anatomy of a Room 2014

Lonny Magazine (whose pinterest you should follow for great design inspiration) just did a feature on the anatomy of a sophisticated and playful room.  The room was originally created by DISC Interiors for last year’s Dwell on Design event. So here’s some how-to’s for a sublime nursery such as this one.

To get this look:  “There’s something whimsical about the brass tripod stand—proving you don’t have to be cutesy-cutesy to be mini-person-appropriate. Black-and-white wallpaper is an emphatic “do” for modern-feeling kids’ rooms—the palette offers contrast and versatility, and also ages well. When it comes to cribs, less is definitely more; we love the streamlined silhouette and blonde wood finish of this piece—add a throw with handmade detailing to create interest. A figurative work with a strong sense of character is an easy way to add instant personality and history to a room. The linen ottoman is a straight-up MVP for its all-purpose functionality—use it to put your feet up, for seating, or as a surface for books.”

GreyLikesBaby LonnyMagazine1 Lonny Magazine: Anatomy of a Room