May01 Jacadi Le Bapteme 2015

Jacadi – the Paris based kids fashion brand, just recently released a line of clothing for Baptisms.  I think everyone still has their beautiful dress or outfit they were baptized in because it is such a special occasions. It is one of those things we’ll pull out of a keepsake box in twenty years and sob over the lovely memories and wonder how they could have ever been so small. It’s worth buying something absolutely timeless and perfect. Maybe even turn it into an heirloom piece to be passed down through the generations.  So if you’re looking for the perfect piece that will be treasured forever, you’ve found it.

Here are some of my favorite girl pieces: Bow-Trimmed Sun Hat // Smocked Cotten Dress // Cashmere Knit Blanket // Leather Lace-Up Booties

Here are some of my favorite boy pieces: Linen Tab Sleeve Shirt // Linen Romper // Cotton Striped Bermuda Shorts // Leather Lace-Up Booties


Also I was just flipping through their baby and nursery collections. They would make some of the most perfect baby shower gifts.

Apr12 Fashion Babies 2015

These little ones are too cute!  Their outfits…to die for!
Leggings, Head Wrap, Faux Fur Blanket & Teething Ring: Alexandra Rose Handmade
Necklace: Coral & Cloud












Mar25 Family in Georgia 2015

Love this little newborn session taken in Atlanta, GA.  Mom didn’t want it to necessarily have a theme, but to be a place where they were comfortable doing life in…I like that.  She tied in some old items from her own childhood, as well as some new favorite items and art pieces.

Photos: Katey Penton Photography

Crib: Babyletto

Prints from: Society 6 // Unbelievable Finds // Devenie Designs

Mobile: The Alison Show

GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton001 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton002 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton003 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton004 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton005 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton006 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton007 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton008 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton009 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton010 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton011 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton012 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton013 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton014 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton015 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton016 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton017 GreyLikesBaby-KateyPenton018

Feb27 Prudence & James 2015

This little photos shoot was a real family affair. Prudence and James’ mom styled their vintage clothing and they were photographed on the family property by their father. That’s a lot of talent and beauty in one family.

Photography: JD3 Photo

GreyLikesBaby-JD3Photography001 GreyLikesBaby-JD3Photography002 GreyLikesBaby-JD3Photography003 GreyLikesBaby-JD3Photography004 GreyLikesBaby-JD3Photography005 GreyLikesBaby-JD3Photography006 GreyLikesBaby-JD3Photography007

Jan22 Mother & Son 2015

Maria and Indy are so beautiful and happy together and these photos fabulously capture their love.

“Maria wanted me to capture this special time between her and Indy in a soft, organic setting. I immediately thought of this location. What better way to symbolize emerging childhood than a wooden swing hanging from a huge oak tree! Once the location was determined, choosing the clothing came naturally – textured creams and greys, soft woolly blankets, suede boots and cardigans to reflect the crisp season. Add to that the beautiful softness of film and one of Mother Nature’s finest days and I had a dream session! As long as Mommy was near Indy was the happiest, most content baby I’ve seen in a long time.” – Jenny

Photography: Jenny McCann
Hair/Makeup: Verena Wonsack-Sandoval
Location: Private residence in Lewisville, TX
Film Processing: ProPhoto Connection

GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann001 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann002 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann003 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann004 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann005 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann006 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann007 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann008 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann009 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann010 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann011 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann012 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann013 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann014 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann015 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann016 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann017 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann018 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann019 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann020 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann021 GreyLikesBaby-JennyMcCann022