Jul03 4th Essentials 2014

Are you ready for the day so full of red white & blue, sunshine and sparklers that you might go to bed a little sunburned, and a little tired but with a bucket full of memories to keep forever. I AM!!! Here are some of my favorite essentials for a well equipped 4th of July for you and baby!
GreyLikesBaby 4thofJuly 4th Essentials

1. Anthropologie Tote Bag // 2. Linen Turkish Beach Towel // 3. Wide Brim Sun Hat // 4. Jonas Paul Eyewear Kids Sunglasses // 5. Red Baby Swimsuit // 6. Kids Fashion Birkenstocks // 7. Suzanne Organics Sunscreen // 8. Red White and Blue Trifle

Jun03 Nest Designs 2014

One of our shop owners is a new obsession of mine! Nest Designs makes the most gorgeous blankets and bibs with fantastic fabrics and the loveliest designs. These beauties are made of a quality bamboo blended material which is super soft, durable, a very breathable material and of course looks great! Blankies can be used as swaddles, covers, or just plain old cuddling. Their bibs are new, and I love the style and neutral fabrics so they’ll fit with any tiny outfit you might choose. The magic blend of function and fashion even for our little ones.

This is the PERFECT shower gift, I’ll take one of everything!  You can see their Grey Likes Baby Shop HERE and check out their website HERE.

GreyLikesBaby Collective NestDesigns0011 Nest Designs GreyLikesBaby Collective NestDesigns0021 Nest Designs GreyLikesBaby Collective NestDesigns0031 Nest Designs GreyLikesBaby Collective NestDesigns0041 Nest Designs GreyLikesBaby Collective NestDesigns0061 Nest Designs GreyLikesBaby Collective NestDesigns0071 Nest Designs GreyLikesBaby Collective NestDesigns0081 Nest Designs

May06 Siblings in Malibu Creek 2014

The most adorable siblings were photographed in Malibu Creek wearing the cutest outfits.  Enjoy!

Photography: Matthew Ree
Styling by Jenny An of Shop Eggy

GLB001 Siblings in Malibu Creek GLB002 Siblings in Malibu Creek GLB003 Siblings in Malibu Creek GLB004 Siblings in Malibu Creek GLB005 Siblings in Malibu Creek GLB006 Siblings in Malibu Creek GLB007 Siblings in Malibu Creek GLB008 Siblings in Malibu Creek GLB009 Siblings in Malibu Creek GLB010 Siblings in Malibu Creek GLB011 Siblings in Malibu Creek GLB012 Siblings in Malibu Creek GLB013 Siblings in Malibu Creek GLB014 Siblings in Malibu Creek

Apr08 Petunia Pickle Bottom Giveaway 2014

Yes you read that correctly, we are doing a Petunia Pickle Bottom giveaway…how lucky are we? If you aren’t already obsessed with them you should know, they are considered the creators of the original, collectible, fashionable diaper bag.

Picture this: You’re heading to the hospital because the baby is on the way, or you are going to Disneyland for a whole day, or you are heading to the beach with baby and all its accessories, or you are having twins (like my darling sister)…you need a Big Bag! I am utterly obsessed with the Organic Cotton Wistful Weekender in the most gorgeous summer colors Citron Blooms.  Now let me tell you, I have this bag and it is the most lovely, perfectly sized gorgeous bag…I know I’m gushing!  The perfect blend of practical and fashionable.

To enter to win a free Organic Cotton Wistful Weekender just Blog/Tweet/Facebook/Instagram about the product, tag @greylikesbaby @petuniapicklebottom (instagram) @ppbbaby (twitter) and comment here.  You can enter up to four times by posting about the product on each form of social media listed, and commenting each time you do so! Winners will be chosen next Tuesday.

Good Luck my friends!

GreyLikesBaby PetuniaPickleBottomeGiveaway1301 Petunia Pickle Bottom GiveawayGreyLikesBaby PetuniaPickleBottomeGiveaway1302 Petunia Pickle Bottom Giveaway
You can see the entire Organic Cotton Collection HERE

GreyLikesBaby PetuniaPickleBottom Petunia Pickle Bottom Giveaway

Apr03 Mother & Son 2014

Mother & Son photos, they can make me melt. This stylish mama and her precious boy captured some moments that they’ll cherish for a lifetime. Oh, and I love her dress and wish it was mine!

Photography: Gold Leaf Weddings
GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1401 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1402 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1403 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1404 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1405 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1406 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1407 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1408 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1409 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1410 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1411 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1412 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1413 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1414 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1415 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1416 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1417 Mother & Son