Nov18 Tiny Love Cozy Rocker Napper 2015


Our sponsors Tiny Love sent us another gem.  The Cozy Rocker Napper a.k.a. does a billion things all at once even though it’s one piece!  Not that I don’t love a living room cluttered with gadgets, each of them for a different purpose, but I can appreciate the condensed device ever so much (ahem, I love it).


So here’s what it does, grab a pen the list is long: when Ellington is having one of those fabulous days where she just. won’t. sleep. the cozy rocker napper turned out to be really helpful because it’s helpful at any phase of her energy level. Starting with an upright position, soothing through rocking, then moving into a napping bed it covers all the phases so I don’t ever have to move her.  I put her in the rocker sitting up, entertain her with the mobile and music while sneakily rocking her until she falls asleep, then I go for the clip in the back and squeeze and ever so slowly move her into a laying position, cover her with the canopy, and she is sleeping, SHE IS SLEEPING. The mobile has mirrors on it, which seem to be wildly entertaining, but they don’t move that much so she isn’t stimulated, add the calming music and it’s all very mesmerizing. The rocking bars have stabilizing stands that can keep the napper from rocking if you are using it more like a chair and less like a bed.   Sneaky mom success and a happy sleeping baby for the win.


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Jul07 Mister Alphabet 2015

Well friends, I have some insider information for you.  The hippest toy in town has just launched a kickstarter.  Mister Alphabet is part toy, part learning tool, part such awesome design I want it on my coffee table.


Mister Alphabet is a figurine designed to bend into every letter of the alphabet. He was created to bring the alphabet to life through innovative interplay of figuration and letter formation, uniting adults with children and design with education. Based in Los Angeles, Mister Alphabet is proudly made in the USA.  I want!!!


Apr12 Fashion Babies 2015

These little ones are too cute!  Their outfits…to die for!
Leggings, Head Wrap, Faux Fur Blanket & Teething Ring: Alexandra Rose Handmade
Necklace: Coral & Cloud












Dec18 Christmas PJ’s 2014

Here’s a little list of some of my favorite holiday pajamas! I’m just going to answer your questions right they don’t have them in your size and yes they do look really comfortable.

JCrew // Stay & Co // Baby Gap // Nordstrom Baby

Dec17 Baby Ford 2014

This nursery is so colorful and spirited (side note: I’m really into the acrylic cribs, they’re so mod)! This family is really beautiful and Ford is one lucky little Mister to get to have such a lively room.

Photography: Kristen Clayville


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