Aug06 A little peach baby shower 2013

One of our guest blogger’s Jenny was lucky enough to have a stylish friend Kayla to throw her a perfectly peach baby shower.  I have a special love for the polka dot and sparkly chevron table clothes and the food title flags…oh and the flowers and the ombre balloons…oh and the color popping flowers and peach hand pies…oh and the stationary.  I could go on. I LOVE this shower.

Photography, Shower Design, Stationary Design, Flowers and MORE…Kayla Adams  
Linens: La Tavola
Peach Illustration: Oana BefortGreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_01 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_02 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_03 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_04 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_05 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_06 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_07 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_08 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_09 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_10 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_11 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_12 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_13 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_14 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_15 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_16 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_17 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_18 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_19 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_20 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_21 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_22 GreyLikesBaby-KaylaAdams13_23

May22 Guest Blogger: Jenny 2013

Hi there Grey Friends! Goodness, so much has happened since we last chatted :] I am now 24 weeks pregnant! The time is flying by.

24 week bump

Chad & I found out that Baby Custock is a sweet little girl & ever since then our minds have been just exploding with lovely lady things like lace, tea parties, tutus, first dance recitals….ok, maybe this is just me & not Chad. But regardless, we are SO over the moon we are having a girl & that Isabelle is now going to have a little sister. Gosh, there is nothing better than having Isabelle crawl into bed with me, lifting up my shirt so her cheek can rest against my growing belly & hearing her whisper sweet little nothings to little unborn sister. Her startled giggle when baby sister responds with a gentle kick in the face brings me the greatest joy & I am so excited to see how their love for each other will grow over the years.

I wanted to share some of my nursery thoughts & ideas with you today. Something that has been consuming my thoughts since we first found out we were pregnant is the excitement of creating a space for our little love to grow in. In my thoughts, the nursery is creative, playful but also not the cliche nursery look if that makes any sense. Once we found out we were having a baby girl, we instantly decided that our girls would share a room. This has created a new challenge for me because the space now had to share a few purposes. Isabelle is 4 1/2 so she embraces all things “big girl.” She is growing in independence & the last thing I want is to create a space that makes her feel like a baby. She is the furthest thing from a tomboy. She is a new princess every day & her imagination consists of adventures with fellow princesses, their horses & castles. This can be…challenging…when decorating her room in the past & dressing her (how many times a week should she be allowed to wear her Halloween costume out in public???) However, instead of pushing against these sparkly pink & purple ideas, I want it to feel like her room & that she got a say in how it looks. I have learned to give her a few pre-approved options & let her make the choice. This way she ultimately feels like she is putting together her own room, when really I am ok with any combination of the decisions she makes. This has also made it so fun because we feel like we are doing it together. Isabelle has also surprised me by saying things like, “The Baby will probably like this more.” or “I want the Baby to have this because it will make her happy.” She is learning already about little sacrifices for the betterment of her baby sister. Or maybe she is just certain that Baby Girl will like whatever she likes :]

Etsy has been a go-to for lots of fabric inspiration. I have decided to make the bedding myself for both girls just so I can mix & match fabrics, textures & patterns I love. Here are a few of my favorite shops: Iviebaby, Cottage Belles, Nekomata Textiles, Stash Modern Fabric, Fresh Modern Fabric & Moona Fabric. Don’t limit yourself to a craft store because as long as you know measurements, you just order the yardage you need. Here are a few options of fabric & color combos that I am LOVING together:

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 11.22.07 AM

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 11.23.31 AM Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 11.29.00 AM Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 11.19.03 AM

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 11.17.09 AM

I definitely want to mix modern, geometric patterns with softer, feminine ones. The room is a light grey with white crown molding & dark hardwood floors. We want to bring in some color without creating a space we are all sick of in 6 months. I think once Isabelle & I make a decision on what her bedding is going to look like, I will be able to move forward with Baby Girl’s. We have decided on white & gold accents to use in our furniture & picture framing decisions. That way, as the girls grow, the palette stays neutral – white & grey – & we can change artwork, rugs, & textiles to match their phases.

What are some challenges you have faced when decorating a nursery? Have any of you decided to share rooms with an older sibling & baby right off the bat? I so welcome any advice you may have for me :] & thanks for letting me share my thoughts on Greys!



May10 Maternity Photos from Guest Blogger: Jenny 2013

Remember our lovely friend and guest blogger Jenny? Well, you may or may not remember that her and her husband are fantastic duo photographers. She sent me these photos that they did recently, and I KNEW you would love them just as much as I do.  Enjoy!
GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_01 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_02 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_03 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_04 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_05 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_06 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_07 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_08 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_09 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_10 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_11 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_12 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_13 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_14 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_15 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_16 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_17 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_18 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_19 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_20 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_21 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_22 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography13_23

Mar18 Introducing Jenny 2013

I have some really really really exciting news (can you tell I’m tickled pink with glee)!!! I am happy to introduce to you a new friend of ours, Jenny Custock.  We will be starting a new series with guest bloggers and Jenny is our first one (we have one more wonderful blogger I’ll be introducing later in the month).  They will be coming to visit twice a month and sharing all the exciting, confusing, scary, beautiful, emotional, and happy things that they will be experiencing on their journey of pregnancy and into the first months of having their new babies.  Jenny has impeccable taste that I have envied for years, so I know you will just adore getting a peak into her exploration of nursery decorations, maternity clothes, diaper bags, and all the other wonderful things wrapped up in the beautiful package of pregnancy. I’ve asked her to do a little intro so you can fall in love with her, just like we have!

Hi there! My name is Jenny Custock & I am over the moon excited to be a guest blogger here at Grey Likes Baby a few times a month! Grey Likes Weddings has been a constant read of mine since it launched & my husband Chad & I had the honor of having our engagement photos featured there a few years ago. When Chad & I got married, it changed my world in more ways than just learning what it meant to be a wife. I also became the step-mama to his precious little girl Isabelle. She was 2 at the time we got married & I was thrown into this new role without the time of adjustment & preparation that you normally would have through pregnancy & the early years. Thankfully, I have an amazing support system in my family & friends. I also relied on blogs like Grey Likes Baby & a few others to serve as inspiration & encouragement to me in those early mornings while the house was a mess around me, my step-baby was running around naked & my husband was still sleeping. I would cozy up with my mug of coffee & see what the blogging world had to share with me that day & I am sure so many of you can relate. I have learned a lot about motherhood & parenting through my favorite bloggers. I truly believe it is one of the best communities out there full of genuine people who care about walking alongside one another through their triumphs & struggles.


(Photos of my step-daughter & me taken by Kayla Adams)

Isabelle is now 4 & we were planning on waiting a few more years before we had kids of our own to give us time to soak up the newlywed stage. But as life so often does, we were thrown a curve ball & found out in January that we are expecting a baby! Despite the initial shock & the conversation of “How the heck did this happen?!?” we cried our happy tears, told Isabelle she would be a big sister & spread the joy to our family & friends. A few weeks later announced to the world that Baby Custock was coming to the world September 2013.


(Photos by Kevin Andrews. See how we announced our little bun in the oven here.)

There are still moments I cannot believe I am pregnant. I have always wanted to be a Mom. Even though the responsibility of Isabelle was overwhelming at first, I always felt ready & eager to love her & be a part of her life. I am 13 weeks pregnant & the love I have for my little one who is only the size of a peach is completely consuming. I started writing the baby letters on my personal blog because I wanted to document my thoughts. Every day something changes for the baby . It is growing so incredibly fast! I also feel like I am changing every day too…not just in my waistline, but my emotional journey through all of this. I want to remember how I felt each week & one day I cannot wait to share those letters with my little love.


Baby custock saying “Hi!” to you all :]

My purpose here on Grey Likes Baby is to document my experience the next 6 months. I will be talking about everything & anything from doctor visits, to picking out paint for the nursery, to baby showers, to buying massive amounts of mini shoes, to weird cravings, to preparing for labor & delivery, to how we are making Isabelle feel loved & special through this time, to maternity fashion, to documenting my growing baby bump. Thank you to Summer & Brooke for having me! I am so excited to have you all along for this incredible journey.