Jul08 the BUDU baby satchel 2013

Alert!!!! Important message for the stylish mom looking for a new take on the baby carrier...and looking to get one half off!

GreyLikesBaby-BUDU-Giveaway13_05I cannot get over how cute these baby satchels are.  I know you think I’m dramatic, but really there aren’t any other products that are THIS functional and THIS hip!  We love being moms, but we love being stylish moms. It’s a neutral color, with tan leather straps, it won’t mess up your cute outfit, plus dad won’t be embarrassed wearing it. I’m pretty sure it’s one of my favorite products on the market, baby satchel I love you.

Here are all the details on our sponsor BUDU‘s product!

-made with the best materials including vegetable tanned leather straps and natural bamboo fabric. Bamboo has many fantastic properties that make this an incredible fabric. It is eco friendly being sustainable than most fabrics, light and strong, breathable, naturally antibacterial, highly absorbent, softer than cotton and has a natural sheen that feels like silk or cashmere.
designed by model and mum of two Danielle King after her first child, Oscar was born. As she is a model and in the fashion industry she wanted a baby carrier that was comfortable and easy to use, yet stylish at the same time. After years of research, countless design improvements and sample after sample, the Budu Baby Carrier was finally complete – just in time for her second baby, Dahlia.
– it has many practical features including a removable machine washable lining that easily zips off for any spills or accidents; breathable, soft and luxurious natural fabric; a hidden pocket to take personal items with you for trips to the shops or walks to the park; straps that can be opened to easily transfer your baby while sleeping; wide and thick padded straps that are positioned in front of the baby to ensure optimal comfort and support for you; comes with a dust bag to protect the carrier; plus more.
– it makes the perfect gift. Packaged in a beautiful gift box that can be kept for toy storage, this baby carrier is an indulgent, luxurious present for a very special mum and baby who will be delighted with their gift.

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Jan11 My Top FIve 2013

Here’s another series of “my top five” for those new mom’s who are overwhelmed by the plethora of registry options.  This can help you hear from real new mom’s who have their top five items they couldn’t live without. Some of these items you may not be able to register for at the large chain baby stores, which is why I LOVE telling readers about the online baby registry Baby List. It’s a website that allows you to register at any online store (i.e. amazon, etsy, and in this case Timi and Leslie) and it makes it really easy for people to to find exactly what you want for you shower.  So put your feet up and let your fingers do the shopping!

Here’s Whitney
1. Moby – I could not have survived the first few weeks without this. She loved being in it awake or asleep and it was the only way I got anything done around the house. I still use it a ton when I’m out. I even learned how to nurse in it and survived a whole day at Disneyland by doing so. Hands free nursing while walking, amazing!
2. Boppy – Brynn is unfortunately a sleep eater – which means up until recently it took her 40 minutes or longer to eat. She also had jaundice so I was feeding her every two hours around the clock for a while. So if you do the math I only had about an hour break in between feedings. Basically, my arms thank the Boppy
3. Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag (Jessica) – I love this bag! Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a little OCD about organization. I have an exact place for everything. This bag is big enough to fit all that I need, (diapers, wipes, multiple outfits (for blow outs or excess spit up), blankets, burp cloths, nursing cover, etc.) and has so many pockets that everything has a perfect place. Plus it looks more like a purse than a diaper bag. I love being a mom but I don’t want everything about me to scream “I’m a mom!”
4. Sleep Sheep – This cute little sheep has four white noises: rain, ocean, whale and mothers heart beat (personally, I think the whale is a little creepy, but to each his own). Not only is it very soothing but it also helps to drown out other noises, like the obnoxious dog next door. It’s been so great in fact, that my husband and I think we might be relying on it too much for our own sleep.
5. Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets – I love these because they are huge blankets that are light weight. The size makes them super easy to use as swaddles and they are breathable enough to not over heat your baby in the summer but keep them warm in the winter. And I’m not going to lie, I love the prints!

Dec07 My Top 5 – from a mother of triplets 2012

A mother of triplets has give us advice, so listen up!!! She only has a top four, and they are fantastic. Basic items that she loves and I think you’ll love too.

1.- Baby music that doesn’t sound like baby music. I like to play music for the babies at home and around town, but I also value my sanity. A gal can only handle so many rounds of “Old McDonald.” I sniffed around a bit and found this cd from Amazon.  It’s sufficiently sweet and mellow for the Littles, but also tasteful and subtle for me.
2. Sleep sacks, I cannot get a wink of sleep if I’m wondering about the babies being comfortable in their beds. The idea of them being cold or getting tangled in blankets is just terrible to me. We got them these kinds of sleep sacks when they were tiny, and they always seem very happy in them. Our babysitters often comment on how easily the triplets settle down at bedtime when they get zipped up in their sleep sacks. It’s a simple little routine that keeps them cozy and helps me have peace of mind. I love them.
3Shea Moisture Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Healing Lotion. Two of the three triplets have very sensitive skin, and this is one of the only lotions I have found that helps their dry skin without breaking them out. I also like that the scent is light and fresh and doesn’t smell like a little baby. After all, I usually end up wearing quite a bit of it myself!
4.  A big (and not ugly) basket for the living room (mine is from Target). We spend most of our time playing there, and it’s nice to be able to quickly toss all of their toys back into the basket when we’re done. It keeps our home from looking like a daycare. (We also found some from Pottery Barn).

***Have you Registered Yet? If not, Grey is a BIG fan of the online baby registry, Baby List.! You can choose items from Etsy for your unique handmade items (we all have our favorites), and of course all you’re favorite ‘one stop shop’ chains. It’s the best!!!!! You can even register for that CD on Amazon.

Oct23 My Top 5 2012

Our post today comes from the lovely Brittany of Sweet Bee Photography

1. Noodle and Boo Super Soft Baby Lotion
I associate the smell of this lotion with the first days of Adalynn’s life. I absolutely love it and make sure I take it to every baby shower I go to.

2. Hannah Anderson Organic Cotton Pajamas
I am a pajama addict. After her nightly bath, I love pulling out a pair of cute pajamas for her to put on. Hannah Andersons are my go-to favorites. They are super soft and cuddly and just scream classic baby. I might just buy myself a pair;)

3. Baby Trend Snap-n-Go
I live outside of Washington DC and never realized how much I was in and out of the car until I had a baby. Big bulky strollers just didn’t cut it those first months recovering from delivery. This little frame is a work-horse and is perfect for when the baby falls asleep in the car and you still need to slip into that last store.

4. A Pea in the Pod Nursing Nightgown and Robe
New babies are really the ones showered with gifts, so it is nice to actually get something exclusively for mom. After a long labor and an un-planned c-section, I felt so wonderful to slip on something soft and feminine. The robe is the perfect addition for when family members come to visit and overall it makes you feel a little more together for those first hospital photos.

5. Fisher Price Rock-n-Play
Someone suggested I put a Fisher Price Rock-n-Play sleeping on my registry. I’ll admit… I was more drawn to the classic cradle or Moses basket. I am a photographer after all and the later options seemed to go with the overall decor best. In real life though, this was a lifesaver. My daughter ended up with reflux and it was the only thing she was happy in. On top of that it folds easily, travels well and has a permanent place in our household.

***Have you Registered Yet? If not, Grey is a BIG fan of the online baby registry, Baby List.! You can choose items from Etsy for your unique handmade items (we all have our favorites), and of course all you’re favorite ‘one stop shop’ chains. It’s the best!!!!!

Sep27 My Top 5 2012

We are going to be starting a new series called “my top five”. This will be guest posts from moms who have their top give registry items that they can’t live without. This will hopefully be helpful to all the new moms overwhelmed by the size of Babies R Us. First up: Brittany Neece, my sister.  She had Norah in July, and we featured her baby shower here as well as her little birth video.

“I LOVE my stroller and car seat. It’s the Britax b-ready stroller and infant car seat. So easy to set up and fold up, car seat clicks in, stroller is light to push, I LOVE it. Totally worth the money.

Wish I would have gotten a double electric pump by Medella, if you’re pumping more than once a week it’s worth the expense.

Couldn’t live without out Swaddle Me blankets. Norah loves them and they are so easy in the middle of the night. You don’t have to fuss with a real blanket.

I also love our boppy lounger. I take it to whatever room I’m working in and she’ll sit in it and look around. It also works if I’m somewhere else and putting her down for a nap. At this point she’s so little and fits it well, so it’s much easier and more portable than a pack n play.

Love the play yard she has from Pottery Barn. It’s great for tummy time and on her back for hand eye coordination. She looks up at it and smiles and stares, and it gives me time to shower/ make breakfast/etc.”

Thanks Brittany!