Nov28 Baby Logan 2014

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving. It’s during the Holidays that I always remember just how important family is.  Below are some photos of a family of three celebrating new life together in their gorgeous home.

Photography: Vicky Starz
GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz0011 Baby Logan
Crib: Spot on Square 
Custom baby art: Wallberry 
Belly cast, Rug, Word Art: Homesense
Wooden buddha & Elephant: bought on our honeymoon in Thailand.
Airplane light: Home Depot
Wall colour : Benjamin Moore top elephant grey and bottom Chantilly lace

GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz0021 Baby Logan GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz0031 Baby Logan GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz0041 Baby Logan GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz0051 Baby Logan GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz0061 Baby Logan GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz0071 Baby Logan GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz0081 Baby Logan GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz0091 Baby Logan GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz0101 Baby Logan

Nov24 Dreamy Sip N’ See 2014

Lotta of Mint Design sent me her recent sip n’ see that is sooo fabulously creative and colorful I knew you would die to see it.  Details below – xoxo
GreyLikesBaby MintDesign0011 Dreamy Sip N See

“What is a Sip N’ See exactly? Let us share with you! While already popular in the south, the Sip N’ See is an up and coming trend for West Coast Moms looking for an alternative to a traditional shower. Perfect for Mom’s who may be on their second or third child or for Mom’s that just want a chance to show off the newest member of their family. The Sip N’ See invites you to grab a glass of bubbly and welcome the little bundle of joy into the world!

Our inspiration for this party stemmed from natural earthy elements and pops of bright, vibrant colors. When we were approached by our client, she had mentioned that the baby of honor was named Faye, which is a more mystical word for Fairy. So immediately we thought of a dreamy, mossy environment where Faye was the focus. Loose flowly organic florals, an abundance of sweets, a bassinette, Glamfete tissue paper garlands, moss and giant terraniums filled this beautiful southern style home.  Warm wheat hemstitch linens, mix matched colored plates, various patterned linen napkins, mod gold flatware, amber and emerald glass goblets decorated the table. Real moss blanketed the table and served as a forest bed for the lush florals. We sliced pieces of wood into small rounds to serve as mini platters for food and floral accents. A chandelier we created out of a wooden wreath wrapped in foraged greenery with strips of ivory fabric danced in the trees. Drop it Modern’s gold sequin backdrop created a pop of sparkle and served as a selfie station!- Lotta

Event Design, Planning and Florals- MINT DESIGN

Photography- Carissa Cady Photography
Sweets- De Coeur Bakeshop
Rentals- Walker Lewis Rents
Tassels- GlamFete
Books- Fairy Birds
Sequin Backdrop- Drop It Modern
Catering- Moo Creamery

GreyLikesBaby MintDesign002 Dreamy Sip N See GreyLikesBaby MintDesign003 Dreamy Sip N See GreyLikesBaby MintDesign004 Dreamy Sip N See GreyLikesBaby MintDesign005 Dreamy Sip N See GreyLikesBaby MintDesign006 Dreamy Sip N See GreyLikesBaby MintDesign007 Dreamy Sip N See GreyLikesBaby MintDesign008 Dreamy Sip N See GreyLikesBaby MintDesign009 Dreamy Sip N See GreyLikesBaby MintDesign010 Dreamy Sip N See

Nov20 Ava Turns 4 2014

Ava turned four!!! Lucky for her, her mom is a photographer and Ava is the most beautiful little creature I’ve ever seen. I love the chalkboard happy birthday and all her crazy fun faces in front of the sign.  She is my favorite.

Photography: Bows & Ties

GreyLikesBaby BowsTies001 Ava Turns 4 GreyLikesBaby BowsTies002 Ava Turns 4 GreyLikesBaby BowsTies003 Ava Turns 4 GreyLikesBaby BowsTies004 Ava Turns 4 GreyLikesBaby BowsTies005 Ava Turns 4 GreyLikesBaby BowsTies006 Ava Turns 4 GreyLikesBaby BowsTies007 Ava Turns 4 GreyLikesBaby BowsTies008 Ava Turns 4 GreyLikesBaby BowsTies009 Ava Turns 4 GreyLikesBaby BowsTies010 Ava Turns 4 GreyLikesBaby BowsTies011 Ava Turns 4 GreyLikesBaby BowsTies012 Ava Turns 4 GreyLikesBaby BowsTies013 Ava Turns 4 GreyLikesBaby BowsTies014 Ava Turns 4

Nov19 Family in Michigan 2014

Just a fall day in the life of this precious family. You’ll notice that everything they own and do and wear is beautiful, I came to realize the mom Natalie is a blogger herself, with rather impeccable taste…clearly.

Photography: The Billings 

p.s. all you midwest photographers are making me jealous of your gorgeous fall leaves and cozy sweaters…but that’s for another post.

GreyLikesBaby TheBillings001 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings002 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings003 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings004 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings005 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings006 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings007 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings008 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings009 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings010 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings011 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings012 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings013 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings014 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings015 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings016 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings017 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings018 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings019 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings020 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings021 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings022 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings023 Family in Michigan

Nov18 Thanksgiving 2014

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I have a discovery that your kids will greatly appreciate. Caravan Shoppe  has a fabulous Thanksgiving printable for just $8.00 which comes with a gorgeous Thanksgiving Posters, Napkins Holders and Placemat Designs. My favorite in the Table Design that is so full of creativity it will keep the kiddos happy and entertained during the meal. There are places to color, to draw hand turkeys, write what they’re thankful for and more. I LOVE IT.

GreyLikesBaby CaravanShoppe1 Thanksgiving