Dec19 Family Christmas 2014

These are the Christmas photos of all Christmas photos.  They are taken in New Orleans outside a festive airstream.  I love these, I love these deep down in my Christmassy heart. The mom, Ashley Sievert is a makeup artist and did the styling for the shoot.

Photos: Caitlin B Photography
GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry001 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry002 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry003 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry004 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry005 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry006 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry007 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry008 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry009 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry010 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry011 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry012 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry013 Family Christmas

Dec17 Baby Ford 2014

This nursery is so colorful and spirited (side note: I’m really into the acrylic cribs, they’re so mod)! This family is really beautiful and Ford is one lucky little Mister to get to have such a lively room.

Photography: Kristen Clayville

GreyLikesBaby KristenClayville001 Baby Ford

GreyLikesBaby KristenClayville002 Baby Ford GreyLikesBaby KristenClayville003 Baby Ford GreyLikesBaby KristenClayville004 Baby Ford GreyLikesBaby KristenClayville005 Baby Ford GreyLikesBaby KristenClayville006 Baby Ford GreyLikesBaby KristenClayville007 Baby Ford GreyLikesBaby KristenClayville008 Baby Ford GreyLikesBaby KristenClayville009 Baby Ford GreyLikesBaby KristenClayville010 Baby Ford GreyLikesBaby KristenClayville011 Baby Ford

Dec14 Baby it’s cold outside 2014

Here’s a little blustery winter maternity photo shoot for your Christmas-time viewing pleasure. Photography: Christina Moodie GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie001 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie002 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie003 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie004 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie005 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie006 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie007 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie008 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie009 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie010 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie011 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie012 Baby its cold outside

Dec11 Hello Love 2014

Love this nursery, love these photos, love this family! Happy Thursday!

Photography: BPosh Photo
Floral Crowns: Lemons and Lace
GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto001 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto002 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto003 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto004 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto005 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto006 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto007 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto008 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto009 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto010 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto011 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto012 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto013 Hello Love

Dec09 Bel & Beau 2014

First thing you need to know about today’s post is you must. follow. Isoblel.  Isobel is a spectacular and fashionable blogger of Bel & Beau.  Look at it, I love it, you’ll love it, we all love it.

Anyways Isobel recently had some maternity photos taken of her and we just had to share their elegant beauty with you. Also Holden’s blonde hair. It’s just too much.

Photography: Taryn Kent

GreyLikesBaby Isobel001 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel002 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel003 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel004 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel005 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel006 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel007 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel008 Bel & Beau