Apr15 Xavi at 3 months 2014

You just saw their maternity photos and I’m pretty sure you love this couple as much as I do.  Good news, they’re even more adorable as a family and their house is as cute as you expected.

Photography: Heather Gray

GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1401 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1402 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1403 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1404 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1405 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1406 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1407 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1408 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1409 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1410 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1411 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1412 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1413 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1414 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1415 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1416 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1417 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1418 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1419 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1420 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1421 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1422 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1423 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1424 Xavi at 3 months GreyLikesBaby HeatherGrayPhotography1425 Xavi at 3 months

Apr07 2014

Makeup artist Christine was looking for some family photos inspired by ‘where the wild things are’ and boy did they succeed.  Romping around the beach, with tons of laughter and joy, a bear costume and a golden crown…I just can’t get enough.  These are the happiest photos I’ve ever seen.

Photography: K and K Photography

GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1301 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1302 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1303 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1304 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1305 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1306 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1307 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1308 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1309 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1310 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1311 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1312 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1313 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1314 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1315 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1316 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1317 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1318 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1319 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1320 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1321 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1322 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1323 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1324 GreyLikeBaby KandKPhotography1325

Apr03 Mother & Son 2014

Mother & Son photos, they can make me melt. This stylish mama and her precious boy captured some moments that they’ll cherish for a lifetime. Oh, and I love her dress and wish it was mine!

Photography: Gold Leaf Weddings
GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1401 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1402 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1403 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1404 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1405 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1406 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1407 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1408 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1409 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1410 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1411 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1412 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1413 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1414 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1415 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1416 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby GoldLeaf1417 Mother & Son

Mar28 Rosalyn 2014

This post will make your heart melt. Rosalyn is an absolute beauty and the photography is exquisite.

Photography: Fern Shin
GreyLikesBaby FernShin1301 Rosalyn GreyLikesBaby FernShin1303 Rosalyn GreyLikesBaby FernShin1304 Rosalyn GreyLikesBaby FernShin1305 Rosalyn GreyLikesBaby FernShin1306 Rosalyn GreyLikesBaby FernShin1402 Rosalyn

Mar18 Winston 2014

I have a special place in my heart for really fantastic father/son photos.  They can melt my heart like nothing else, and these ones in particular are extra lovey-dovey wonderful! Photos are stunning, their smiles are made for a crest commercial, and the love is seeping through the photos…it’s a recipe for really dazzling family pictures.

Photography: Amelia Plumb

GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1401 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1402 WinstonGreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1408 WinstonGreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1404 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1403 Winston
GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1405 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1406 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1407 Winston
GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1409 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1410 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1411 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1412 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1413 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1414 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1415 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1416 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1417 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1418 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1419 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1420 Winston