Sep01 Baby Wyatt 2014

A few months back we featured some maternity photos that we all loved so much.  So, when photographer Kayla Adams sent over their family photos with their new little addition I knew you would want to see them!  The first photos is my absolute favorite!

GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams001 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams002 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams003 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams004 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams005 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams006 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams007 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams008 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams009 Baby Wyatt
GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams010 Baby Wyatt

GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams011 Baby Wyatt

GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams012 Baby Wyatt

Aug08 Guest Blogger: Kelly 2014

She’s more than a year old now. In a few days she’ll be 15 months. We’ve moved from rocking chair to rocking horse… from baby carrier to carrying her own baby. Her face seems like it changes daily.

I remember my mom saying things like: I’m gonna put you in a box so you’ll stop growing and now I get it. As much as we dream of the rest of the firsts that await them, we want them to stay just like they are… and they wont. They aren’t supposed to.

My dear friend Whitney of Whitney Darling Photography feels the same way. When she and another girlfriend and I were planning to get together with our babes, she offered to snap a few pics of us so we could remember this time in our journey of motherhood.

As always happens with the three of us, our simple, no frills plan to ‘snap a few pics’ sprouted wings and we found ourselves in a texting spree of ideation which resulted in the three of us trucking strollers, each other’s babies and lord knows what else down a steep hill in what felt like 1,000 degree heat and a surprisingly crowded beach.

But all was worth it, because Whitney somehow used her camera to transport us to the Carribean. Here are a few of Selah and I

GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling001 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling002 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling003 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling004 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling005 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling006 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling007 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling008 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling009 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling010 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling011 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling012 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling013 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling014 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling015 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling016 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling017 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling018 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling019 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling020 Guest Blogger: Kelly

We were all so blown away by how they turned out that she has actually launched a b&w beach series with mother and child[ren].. here’s where to reach her if you’re in the So Cal area and are interested.

For more from Kelly look here.

Aug04 Inspirational Photos: Esperanza Moya 2014

Esperanza Moya is an editorial photographer who does a lot of work with kids.There are SOOOOOO many inspirational photos on her site that you need to check out! Honestly these knock-out photos are just the tip of the iceberg.
GreyLikesBaby EsperanzaMoya001 Inspirational Photos: Esperanza Moya GreyLikesBaby EsperanzaMoya002 Inspirational Photos: Esperanza Moya GreyLikesBaby EsperanzaMoya003 Inspirational Photos: Esperanza Moya GreyLikesBaby EsperanzaMoya004 Inspirational Photos: Esperanza Moya GreyLikesBaby EsperanzaMoya005 Inspirational Photos: Esperanza Moya

Aug01 Introducing Sophie Kawalek 2014

We have just welcomed a new collective member Sophie Kawalek and she is fabulous. If you are in the New York or New Jersey areas I would recommend taking a look at her work!


GreyLikesBaby SophieKawalek0011 Introducing Sophie Kawalek GreyLikesBaby SophieKawalek0021 Introducing Sophie Kawalek GreyLikesBaby SophieKawalek0031 Introducing Sophie Kawalek GreyLikesBaby SophieKawalek0041 Introducing Sophie Kawalek GreyLikesBaby SophieKawalek0051 Introducing Sophie Kawalek GreyLikesBaby SophieKawalek0061 Introducing Sophie Kawalek GreyLikesBaby SophieKawalek0071 Introducing Sophie Kawalek

Jul30 Camping Nursery 2014

I”m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!

This family is so precious and I’m obsessed with their cute style.  I love the colors and design they chose for their home and bedrooms.  There are some bohemian and camping vibes in the bedrooms, while keeping it classy and fully boy! Their nursery is simple in color with a lot of patterns on the wall and rug with a powerful pop of green in the corner…genius. Then add to that the simple master bedroom overflowing with good taste, what a fabulous combination of simplicity and lively design.

Photos by Chris and Kristen Photography

GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography001 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography002 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography003 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography004 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography005 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography006 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography007 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography008 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography009 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography010 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography011 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography012 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography013 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography014 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography015 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography016 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography017 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography018 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography019 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography020 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography021 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography022 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography023 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography024 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography025 Camping Nursery GreyLikesBaby ChrisandKristenPhotography026 Camping Nursery