Jan22 Mother & Son 2015

Maria and Indy are so beautiful and happy together and these photos fabulously capture their love.

“Maria wanted me to capture this special time between her and Indy in a soft, organic setting. I immediately thought of this location. What better way to symbolize emerging childhood than a wooden swing hanging from a huge oak tree! Once the location was determined, choosing the clothing came naturally – textured creams and greys, soft woolly blankets, suede boots and cardigans to reflect the crisp season. Add to that the beautiful softness of film and one of Mother Nature’s finest days and I had a dream session! As long as Mommy was near Indy was the happiest, most content baby I’ve seen in a long time.” – Jenny

Photography: Jenny McCann
Hair/Makeup: Verena Wonsack-Sandoval
Location: Private residence in Lewisville, TX
Film Processing: ProPhoto Connection

GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann001 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann002 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann003 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann004 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann005 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann006 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann007 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann008 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann009 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann010 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann011 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann012 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann013 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann014 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann015 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann016 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann017 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann018 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann019 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann020 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann021 Mother & Son GreyLikesBaby JennyMcCann022 Mother & Son

Jan20 Cozy Seattle family photos 2015

Val is a fabulous photographer and when she wanted family photos she went to friend and fellow photographer Karen. These photos are the perfect blend of moments captured and family portraits.   Olivia and Lola are the cutest of sisters and their precious little friendship is captured so well.  Frame them all!
Photography: Karen Obrist
Val’s dress/belt/sweater are from Anthropologie 
Val’s shoes are from Madewell 
Olivia: Vintage dress found in a small boutique
Lola: Green  t-shirt from Gap
GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist001 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist002 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist003 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist004 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist005 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist006 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist007 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist008 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist009 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist010 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist011 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist012 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist013 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist014 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist015 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist016 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist017 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist018 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist019 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist020 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist021 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist022 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist023 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist024 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist025 Cozy Seattle family photos GreyLikesBaby KarenObrist026 Cozy Seattle family photosGreyLikesBaby KarenObrist027 Cozy Seattle family photosGreyLikesBaby KarenObrist028 Cozy Seattle family photos


Jan07 Manhattan Family Photos 2015

So much joy and family connection in these photos.  They were taken in the family’s home in Manhattan with gorgeous views and sunny bright light.

Photography: Nicki Sebastian 

GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion001 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion002 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion003 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion004 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion005 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion006 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion007 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion008 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion009 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion010 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion011 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion012 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion013 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion014 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion015 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion016 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion017 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion018 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion019 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion020 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion021 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion022 Manhattan Family Photos

Dec24 Gus at Christmas 2014

Happy Christmas Eve! Today my total obsession with our collective member Alyssa Rosenheck and everything she does continues.  Here is a simple Christmas photo shoot she did for interior designer Julie Couch and her family. They shot in Alyssa’s studio and then took Gus to his favorite local popsicle stand, Las Paletas.

Gus’s outfit: Tweed Baby Outfitters
Gus’s Tastemaker of a mother: Julie Couch Interiors 
Red Cranberry Head Wreath: DIY Target Garland
Popsicle Stand: Las Paletas 
GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0011 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0021 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0031 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0041 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0051 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0061 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0071 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0081 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0091 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0101 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0111 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0121 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0131 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0141 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0151 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0161 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0171 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0181 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0191 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0201 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0211 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0221 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0231 Gus at Christmas GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck0241 Gus at Christmas

Dec19 Family Christmas 2014

These are the Christmas photos of all Christmas photos.  They are taken in New Orleans outside a festive airstream.  I love these, I love these deep down in my Christmassy heart. The mom, Ashley Sievert is a makeup artist and did the styling for the shoot.

Photos: Caitlin B Photography
GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry001 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry002 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry003 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry004 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry005 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry006 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry007 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry008 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry009 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry010 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry011 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry012 Family Christmas GreyLikesBaby CaitlinBarry013 Family Christmas