Dec14 Baby it’s cold outside 2014

Here’s a little blustery winter maternity photo shoot for your Christmas-time viewing pleasure. Photography: Christina Moodie GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie001 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie002 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie003 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie004 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie005 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie006 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie007 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie008 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie009 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie010 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie011 Baby its cold outside GreyLikesBaby ChristinaMoodie012 Baby its cold outside

Dec09 Bel & Beau 2014

First thing you need to know about today’s post is you must. follow. Isoblel.  Isobel is a spectacular and fashionable blogger of Bel & Beau.  Look at it, I love it, you’ll love it, we all love it.

Anyways Isobel recently had some maternity photos taken of her and we just had to share their elegant beauty with you. Also Holden’s blonde hair. It’s just too much.

Photography: Taryn Kent

GreyLikesBaby Isobel001 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel002 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel003 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel004 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel005 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel006 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel007 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel008 Bel & Beau

Nov19 Family in Michigan 2014

Just a fall day in the life of this precious family. You’ll notice that everything they own and do and wear is beautiful, I came to realize the mom Natalie is a blogger herself, with rather impeccable taste…clearly.

Photography: The Billings 

p.s. all you midwest photographers are making me jealous of your gorgeous fall leaves and cozy sweaters…but that’s for another post.

GreyLikesBaby TheBillings001 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings002 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings003 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings004 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings005 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings006 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings007 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings008 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings009 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings010 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings011 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings012 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings013 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings014 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings015 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings016 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings017 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings018 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings019 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings020 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings021 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings022 Family in Michigan GreyLikesBaby TheBillings023 Family in Michigan

Nov13 A Ballerina 2014

This is like the grownup version of every little girls goal in life.  To be a ballerina and a glowing mother-to-be all in one beautifully pink toned world, it’s like life straight out of a day dream.

Photography: Melanie Gabrielle

GreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle001 A Ballerina GreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle003 A Ballerina GreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle004 A Ballerina GreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle005 A Ballerina GreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle006 A Ballerina GreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle007 A Ballerina GreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle008 A Ballerina GreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle009 A Ballerina

Nov06 maternity and sparkles 2014

We’ve had so many beautiful maternity photos recently! This one is especially lovely and I hope you enjoy.

Photography: Nina & Wes
Location: Bodley-Bullock House
MUAH:  Ana Crane
Sequins Dress- bagdley mishka (from Rent the Runway)
Floral Dress - Free People
Floral Crown by Kelsey Malicote of Malicote Photography
GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins001 maternity and sparkles GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins002 maternity and sparkles GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins003 maternity and sparkles GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins004 maternity and sparkles GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins005 maternity and sparkles GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins006 maternity and sparkles GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins007 maternity and sparkles GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins008 maternity and sparkles GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins009 maternity and sparkles GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins010 maternity and sparkles GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins011 maternity and sparkles GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins012 maternity and sparkles GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins013 maternity and sparkles GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins014 maternity and sparkles GreyLikesBaby NinaMullins015 maternity and sparkles