Jul25 Scarlett Jane 2014

My beautiful sister Hayley recently added a little bundle of love to her family. A few months before she had some family and maternity photos taken by fabulous photographer Kate Whitmore who lives in Smyrna, Tennessee where my sister and her family live.  These photos capture spring in the south in such a fantastic way, honestly those trees in bloom are so beautiful I could cry.

Scarlett Jane arrived on June 11th and we couldn’t love her more.  Summer, our mom and I were in Tennessee waiting for Scarlett to arrive, however in typical lady fashion she arrived the day after we came back to California.  The good news was we have such a lovely video and photos from Kate that it made us feel like we were there.

GreyLikesBaby KateWhitmore001 Scarlett Jane GreyLikesBaby KateWhitmore002 Scarlett Jane GreyLikesBaby KateWhitmore003 Scarlett Jane GreyLikesBaby KateWhitmore004 Scarlett Jane GreyLikesBaby KateWhitmore005 Scarlett Jane GreyLikesBaby KateWhitmore006 Scarlett Jane GreyLikesBaby KateWhitmore007 Scarlett Jane GreyLikesBaby KateWhitmore008 Scarlett Jane GreyLikesBaby KateWhitmore009 Scarlett Jane GreyLikesBaby KateWhitmore010 Scarlett Jane GreyLikesBaby KateWhitmore011 Scarlett Jane

Welcome to the World, Scarlett Jane Collins! from Kate Whitmore on Vimeo.

Jul14 Love in Maryland 2014

They met and found love in Barcelona and now they have a little one on the way in Maryland. These photos were taken by the spectacular Dominique Fierro who has turned these photos into a real work of art.

GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro001 Love in Maryland GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro002 Love in Maryland GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro003 Love in Maryland GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro004 Love in Maryland GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro005 Love in Maryland GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro006 Love in Maryland GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro007 Love in Maryland GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro008 Love in Maryland GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro009 Love in Maryland GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro010 Love in Maryland GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro011 Love in Maryland GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro012 Love in Maryland GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro013 Love in Maryland GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro014 Love in Maryland GreyLikesBaby DominiqueFierro015 Love in Maryland

Jul08 Cara Loren Maternity 2014

Fashion icon and stunning mother Cara Loren was recently photographed by Jessica Janae Photography.  The images were vogue worthy and the dress would make any lady melt with fashion jealousy.  This family is spectacularly beautiful and I can’t wait to see what their new baby looks like. You MUST follow Cara’s blog and instagram for constant maternity fashion inspiration (The Grey Likes Team has a big crush on her).

GreyLikesBaby JessicaJanaePhotography001 Cara Loren Maternity GreyLikesBaby JessicaJanaePhotography002 Cara Loren Maternity GreyLikesBaby JessicaJanaePhotography003 Cara Loren Maternity GreyLikesBaby JessicaJanaePhotography004 Cara Loren Maternity GreyLikesBaby JessicaJanaePhotography005 Cara Loren Maternity GreyLikesBaby JessicaJanaePhotography006 Cara Loren Maternity GreyLikesBaby JessicaJanaePhotography007 Cara Loren Maternity GreyLikesBaby JessicaJanaePhotography008 Cara Loren Maternity GreyLikesBaby JessicaJanaePhotography009 Cara Loren Maternity GreyLikesBaby JessicaJanaePhotography010 Cara Loren Maternity

Jul07 Tokyo Maternity 2014

Here are some photos of an uber hip couple in Tokyo expecting their first baby. I love the black and white stripes with at bit of bright orange, it makes for such happy maternity photos.

Photos by Romp Photography
GreyLikesBaby RompPhotography013 Tokyo Maternity

GreyLikesBaby RompPhotography014 Tokyo Maternity

GreyLikesBaby RompPhotography015 Tokyo Maternity

GreyLikesBaby RompPhotography016 Tokyo Maternity

GreyLikesBaby RompPhotography017 Tokyo Maternity

GreyLikesBaby RompPhotography018 Tokyo Maternity

GreyLikesBaby RompPhotography019 Tokyo Maternity

GreyLikesBaby RompPhotography020 Tokyo Maternity

GreyLikesBaby RompPhotography021 Tokyo Maternity

GreyLikesBaby RompPhotography022 Tokyo Maternity

GreyLikesBaby RompPhotography023 Tokyo Maternity

GreyLikesBaby RompPhotography024 Tokyo Maternity

GreyLikesBaby RompPhotography025 Tokyo Maternity

GreyLikesBaby RompPhotography026 Tokyo Maternity

Jul02 Mountain Maternity 2014

Here are some maternity photos with a gorgeous couple and gorgeous views!

Photography:Kiera Lemonis
Paroda’s Hair & Makeup: Candy’s Style Suite
GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis001 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis002 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis003 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis004 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis005 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis006 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis007 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis008 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis009 Mountain Maternity