Sep29 Family Photos in Florida 2014

You’re going to love these photos, I love them.  My absolute favorites are the ones with big brother kissing their new precious baby.

Melanie Gabrielle Photography
GreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle001 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle002 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle003 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle004 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle005 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle006 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle007 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle008 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle009 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle010 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle011 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle012 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle013 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle014 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle015 Family Photos in Florida

Sep09 Foxy Nursery 2014

For the love of the outdoors, this nursery will make you want to go hiking.
GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak001 Foxy Nursery

The inspiration for Everett’s nursery came from my husband and I’s love of hiking and camping.  We went to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National parks for our babymoon.  We bought the maps, arrow and bear stuffed animal at their visitor centers.  The Amish made rocking chair was passed down to me; My Dad gave it to my Mom when she was pregnant with me.  We bought the Minnetonka moccasin booties in Jackson Hole, WY (while on our babymoon).  The deer painting was done by Bobby Spillman (a friend of ours and local artist).  The accent wall paint is Wish Upon A Star by Farrell Calhoun.  “Everett” banner was made by my best friend for my baby shower.

Baby booties & knotted beanie by Nature Baby in fable print.
Art hoop by little low studio
Keep Calm and Hike On poster by Keep Calm shop
Sweet dreams print by Paper Sparrow
Boris Plays the Mandolin Print by The Black Apple (Emily Martin)
We belong in Portland print by Little Canoe
Crib: Gulliver from Ikea 
Treetop mobile by Skip Hop
Owl mobile by 3 Sprouts
Wink the Owl knit doll by BlaBla
Fox stuffed animal from Anthropologie
Owl blanket by Angel Dear
Rug from Urban Outfitters
Changing pad cover from Land of Nod

GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak002 Foxy Nursery GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak003 Foxy Nursery GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak004 Foxy Nursery GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak005 Foxy Nursery GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak006 Foxy Nursery GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak007 Foxy Nursery GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak008 Foxy Nursery GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak009 Foxy Nursery

Sep01 Baby Wyatt 2014

A few months back we featured some maternity photos that we all loved so much.  So, when photographer Kayla Adams sent over their family photos with their new little addition I knew you would want to see them!  The first photos is my absolute favorite!

GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams001 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams002 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams003 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams004 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams005 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams006 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams007 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams008 Baby Wyatt GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams009 Baby Wyatt
GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams010 Baby Wyatt

GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams011 Baby Wyatt

GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams012 Baby Wyatt

Aug29 A baby & a golden 2014

Meg Perotti is such a spectacular photographer and she sent some photos over to us recently that I thought you would enjoy.
GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0012 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0022 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0032 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0042 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0052 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0062 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0072 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0082 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0092 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0102 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0112 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0122 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0131 A baby & a golden GreyLikesBaby MegPerotti0141 A baby & a golden

Aug28 A Fox & Arrows 2014

One of our absolute favorites Kayla Adams sent us some family photos that I love and you’ll love! I think my favorites bits of the room are the fox painting and the mobile! How about you?
GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0011 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0021 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0031 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0041 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0051 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0061 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0071 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0081 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0091 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0101 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0111 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0121 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0131 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0141 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0151 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0161 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0171 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0181 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0191 A Fox & Arrows GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams0201 A Fox & Arrows