Nov10 At home in california 2014

Ok I realize that I have a minor obsession with simple maternity and newborn photos and I’m probably gagging you out of them, but I just can’t enough.  So cheers to one more shoot full of simplicity, love and new life.

Photography: Jennifer Lourie


GreyLikesBaby JenniferLourie001 At home in california GreyLikesBaby JenniferLourie002 At home in california GreyLikesBaby JenniferLourie003 At home in california GreyLikesBaby JenniferLourie004 At home in california GreyLikesBaby JenniferLourie005 At home in california GreyLikesBaby JenniferLourie006 At home in california GreyLikesBaby JenniferLourie007 At home in california GreyLikesBaby JenniferLourie008 At home in california GreyLikesBaby JenniferLourie009 At home in california

Nov07 You’re kind of a big deal 2014

Simple sibling photos make by heart flutter. The baby toes and brother curls = perfection.

Photography: Vicky Starz
Red and Black booties by Minnetonka
Felt Menagerie animal head: Northshire Bookstore, Manchester
Elephant Print by PapayaArt
Candle holders: thrifted
Bookcase: Ikea

GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz001 Youre kind of a big deal

GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz002 Youre kind of a big deal

GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz003 Youre kind of a big deal

GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz004 Youre kind of a big deal

GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz005 Youre kind of a big deal

GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz006 Youre kind of a big deal

GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz007 Youre kind of a big deal

GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz008 Youre kind of a big deal

GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz009 Youre kind of a big deal

GreyLikesBaby VickyStarz010 Youre kind of a big deal

Oct16 Knox 2014

Ashley Gain was recently photographed with her new son Knox in the gorgeous nursery they built for him. The big metal K is soooo fabulous, it adds a really fun twist to the frame collage. The old fashioned crib is so timeless below that gorgeous wall art (“Ladies Love a Gentlemen” is my fave). Also her floral robe is killer, I need one.

Photography: Melissa Jill

GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography001 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography002 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography003 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography004 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography005 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography006 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography007 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography008 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography009 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography010 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography011 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography012 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography013 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography014 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography015 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography016 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography017 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography018 Knox GreyLikesBaby MelissaJillPhotography019 Knox

Oct14 Cohen & Jones 2014

My sister Brittany had twin boys back in July and my other sister Hayley of T&H Photography took some family and newborn photos of them! There couldn’t possibly be a more beautiful family.

Teepee: Play Haven Teepee
Changing Pad and Sheets: ModFox
Pillows: Ivie Baby
GreyLikesBaby THPhotography001 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography002 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography003 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography004 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography005 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography006 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography007 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography008 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography009 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography010 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography011 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography012 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography013 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography014 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography015 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography016 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography017 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography018 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography019 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography020 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography021 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography022 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography023 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography024 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography025 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography026 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography027 Cohen & Jones

Oct02 Video Birth Announcement 2014

When Patricia of the French Wedding Videography Company Weddream began to have clients becoming parents, she started to make video brith announcements for them.  It’s a great way to tell family and friends of their new beautiful addition, as well as a way to keep a time capsule of those first few days with their precious new baby. The video documents this gorgeous family at their home in Paris, and the love in their eyes is absolutley contagious.

{Birth & Baby} Olivia from Weddream Productions on Vimeo.