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She’s here!!! Our second blogger bestie Kelly is here to tell us stories and allow us some insight into her impeccable taste in everything! I wish I could describe her…she’s like a tiny salt shaker that you would like to take everywhere you go, to sprinkle flavor and inspiration on everything ordinary. You’ll love her too!
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I’m Kelly. 36, prego with my first.. and who knows, possibly only child. I’m married to a dear, dear man and my best friend CJ. We are over the moon about our baby girl arriving this May [more on that in a moment], and are thrilled to share the journey of the arrival of our daughter and what we learn raising a brand new human being.

Five miscellaneous but important[ish] details:
1. I am no expert on birth, mothering or any related products or services, but have become an avid researcher of all of the above… so perhaps some of the things I’ve discovered will be helpful [or at least amusing] to one or two of you reading this.

2. I definitely lean towards the natural end of the spectrum when it comes to all this baby stuff.. so I’m doing my best to keep life in our home simple, creative and home-made.. that said, we plan to deliver in a hospital vs. birthing tub and when it comes to the great debate of whether or not to accept things like an epidural, my answer is: ‘I want to do this as naturally as possible, but if I’ve been in labor for 25 hours and am at the end of my rope, I plan to exercise my right to change my mind. Shame free.’

3. I LOOOOVE well designed spaces and repurposing lovely old things… so stay tuned for future posts about what I’ve decided to do in the nursery.

4. We are due on the festive holiday of Cinco de Mayo. I cannot tell you how badly my husband and I hope our baby girl arrives on her actual due date… can you even imagine the endless party theme potential of a lifetime of Cinco de Mayo birthdays?

Plus, if we ever run out of time to plan, we can always just walk her to the park and point to all the piñatas and tell her…. THIS… is ALL for you!! Happy Birthday!!!

But seriously, WHAT are the odds of a baby actually being born on her due date?

I Googled it.
According to my ‘sources’ [which range from Yahoo Answers to various pregnancy resource websites, the number ranges from 2-5%

Hmm.. not the best odds, but a girl can dream, right?

5. It is my sincerest pleasure to be a contributing writer for Grey Likes Baby… First because it forces [ahem, allows] me to document some of the thoughts and feelings I know I’ll want to reflect upon later. Second, it gives me a chance to meet and interact with the greater community of marvelous mothers who have paved the path before me.

So much more to come.

Until next time…


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  • Laura on April 12, 2013

    Love, love, love this chance to walk this journey with you from afar Kelly O’Delly!

  • Nikki @ Outnumbered on April 15, 2013

    my birthday is cinco de mayo!
    sadly, i have never in my 31 (almost 32) years had a cinco de mayo themed birthday party. this year we are travelling to mexico on may 6th- just missing what could have been the most amazing birthday party ever, i imagine!
    hope your baby arrives on her due date and that you throw her a lovely mexican birthday party one day!

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