Sep17 Little Green Pouch 2014

For mom’s who love those baby food pouches due to their fabulous convenience; but for those who are eco friendly, health minded and money conscience, this Little Green Pouch is absolutely for you! Here’s what makes this special, the pouch is re-usable! If you’re the hippie type who likes to make your own baby food, or you don’t want to pay $1.50 per pre-made pouch, or you’re the enviro type who want to save the earth, the Little Green Pouch is your dream product.  The pouches are made like any normal baby food pouch but with a zip lock on the top to wash, re-fill and re-use. The pouches have tons of different attachments for the dispensing piece including spoons and silicon spout dispensers. There are a few different sizes depending on how much food you want to bring, and you can re-use them 50 times or more. So, from the Little Green Pouch and Baby Grey, your welcome for making your life a little more enviro, hippie and penny saving all at once.

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  • Lindsay on September 17, 2014

    I have these and they are awesome. They can be kind of tricky to clean if you make any kind of berry smoothie but they are dishwasher safe so that usually gets the job done! Hope more families start to use them!

  • Marian on September 19, 2014

    I think you mean “you are welcome”. Your welcome is a common mistake.
    These look really cool, thank you :-)

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