Nov08 Blog Watch: Kelli Murray 2012

I have discovered a blog that you would be silly not to follow. Kelli Murray is an illustrator and designer, but the best part is she has a baby girl, which makes her relevant to us and our search for the most superb, well designed, and DIY baby shenanigans that can be found. You may remember her from THIS top notch nursery of hers that we featured a few months back.

She’ll teach you how to make this tent.
GreyLikesBaby KelliMurray12 01 Blog Watch: Kelli Murray
and how to make this baby girl t-shirt
GreyLikesBaby KelliMurray12 02 Blog Watch: Kelli Murray
She’ll share her fantastic fashion finds including shoes
GreyLikesBaby KelliMurray12 03 Blog Watch: Kelli Murray
Mini & me outfits
GreyLikesBaby KelliMurray12 08 Blog Watch: Kelli Murray
Her miniature wishlist
GreyLikesBaby KelliMurray12 09 Blog Watch: Kelli Murray
and a bit of Rylee’s closet
GreyLikesBaby KelliMurray12 10 Blog Watch: Kelli Murray
She’ll give you ideas for fantastic invitations and parties
GreyLikesBaby KelliMurray12 04 Blog Watch: Kelli Murray
Like this one
GreyLikesBaby KelliMurray12 05 Blog Watch: Kelli Murray
and she’ll teach you how to make headbands HERE and HERE
GreyLikesBaby KelliMurray12 06 Blog Watch: Kelli Murray
GreyLikesBaby KelliMurray12 07 Blog Watch: Kelli Murray
See, I told you you would love her! You can thank me later ;)


  • Kelli Murray on November 13, 2012

    Thank you!!! SO much love :)

  • […] most superb designer, blogger, illustrator and style icon Kelli Murray.  A few month back we did a review of Kelli’s blog because it’s one that you should keep an eye on for fashion and nursery design finds and […]

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