Jan14 Online Baby Registry: Baby List 2013

When sifting through the internet looking for your favorite nursery items that you’re dying to register for, you might discover that most of the best finds can’t be found at the big corporate stores you would register at.  Well…problem solved.  Take a seat on your couch with a tub of ice cream, pop in Father of the Bride 2 and let your fingers do all the baby registry shopping with our Sponsor, Baby List.  Explore all of your favorite items from Target and Baby’s R Us, plus Etsy, unique eco friendly cribs, quirky boutique clothing, beautiful wallpaper, and keep it all in one place for your guests to have easy access to. Your friends will love you since it’s simple for them to put their feet up too and help you accumulate all the beautiful registry items from any and all of your favorite online shops. I made a collage of a few things that I might register for right now, and it’s all from different places..thank goodness for Baby List .

Another perk? BabyList has a new personalized baby registry checklist. You take a quiz about where you live, laundry, budget and parenting plans and get a completely personalized checklist.

Grey Rocker, Heart Pillow, Little Girl Vest, Kelli Murray Artwork, Diaper Bag, Wall Paper, Crib, Striped Rug, Dresser