Feb03 Guest Blogger: Kelly- Selah Jean’s Peachy Keen & Grassy Green Nursery 2014

Here’s our friend Kelly with some wonderful nursery and detail photos.  Yes Kelly is that cute and so is Selah and so is her nursery.

nursery collage 5

It started when I was little, my mom checked out this book at the library called ‘Old Clothes’… no joke, I memorized it. The story of all of these hand-me-downs passing from one person to the next was one of my very favorite books she would read me. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that when it came time to decorate Selah Jean’s first little bedchamber, I of course hunted for all kinds of found objects to fill the space. The bargain, the diamond in the rough… the thrill of it all… gets me every time.

old clothes

Walls- peach. Couldn’t handle that much pink, but I did want something that would glow-glow-glow in the sunlight.

Crib- I got the crib off Craigslist from a sweet young mom who was having her second child and her mother purchased her a new one. Meeting her, seeing her beautiful daughter- it made me so excited to take it home and give it a fresh coat of paint to kick off a brand new chapter. I chose a rich grassy green. No idea why. I just liked how it went with the walls. **Note to anyone designing a nursery: Maybe pick your wall color based on your bedding instead of the other way around. Trying to find sheets to match the crib was for sure a labor of love… no pun intended.

Dresser- again, Craigslist. This time from a woman who has made it her hobby to purchase and rehab furniture, then paint it with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint and wax. It turns out the money she earned from my sale was going towards her Seattle fund to visit her son. I loved everything she did to the piece [even down to the silver polka dot knobs] so I didn’t touch a thing!

The high chair. I shouldn’t even say it anymore… Craigslist. A mom who had moved homes and even though her kids were fully grown, she’d held on to the high chair they grew up in. She told me once they outgrew it for eating, she’d use it for their hair cuts. She also told me she was reluctant to sell it but when she found out it was going to a new little family and would have another life, she sent it away with me for a brand new set of adventures.

Chalkboard. Formerly a painting I thrifted, I taped off the edges and threw on a few coats of chalkboard paint and scrawled out a happy little message to great Selah upon arrival.

The Cradle was something I commissioned my sweet dad to build. He and my mom have an arrangement: He builds and she paints. What I didn’t know was that he would work TIRELESSLY to sand it down to rose petal smoothness and my mom would come up with the genius idea of converting the finials from the chuppa used in our wedding as the four corners of her new little bed.

Rocking horse, a cherished gift from my friend Ingrid. She’s from Sweden and her dad loved woodworking. Just before he passed, he shipped over several new toy horses he made in his workshop- one for his grandson and a few extra for her to pass along to friends with little ones. Every time I see it, I remember a grandfather’s love and look forward to the day I get to tell Selah the story of her rocking horse.

I could go on but long story short, the majority of items in the room… have a story that began long before this nursery every came into being. I want this little girl of mine to grow up that way- appreciating the legacy an object can carry with it and understanding that old is sometimes far, far more delightful and adventurous than new.

nursery collage 3nursery collage 6

high chair

cradlerocking horsenursery collage 2nursery collage 4



Also- my dear, dear and ever-talented friend Whitney of whitney darling photography snapped a few pics around the house just days before Selah was born.. enjoy!

mat 6mat 7mat 9mat 5mat 3mat 1mat 2

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  • nora on February 04, 2014

    beautiful room, beautiful mama, beautiful baby (and beautiful name).
    i love everything about this! where is the new york print from?

  • Erika on February 04, 2014

    Gorgeous. Love love love all the little details!

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