Dec07 My Top 5 – from a mother of triplets 2012

A mother of triplets has give us advice, so listen up!!! She only has a top four, and they are fantastic. Basic items that she loves and I think you’ll love too.

1.- Baby music that doesn’t sound like baby music. I like to play music for the babies at home and around town, but I also value my sanity. A gal can only handle so many rounds of “Old McDonald.” I sniffed around a bit and found this cd from Amazon.  It’s sufficiently sweet and mellow for the Littles, but also tasteful and subtle for me.
2. Sleep sacks, I cannot get a wink of sleep if I’m wondering about the babies being comfortable in their beds. The idea of them being cold or getting tangled in blankets is just terrible to me. We got them these kinds of sleep sacks when they were tiny, and they always seem very happy in them. Our babysitters often comment on how easily the triplets settle down at bedtime when they get zipped up in their sleep sacks. It’s a simple little routine that keeps them cozy and helps me have peace of mind. I love them.
3Shea Moisture Raw Shea Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Healing Lotion. Two of the three triplets have very sensitive skin, and this is one of the only lotions I have found that helps their dry skin without breaking them out. I also like that the scent is light and fresh and doesn’t smell like a little baby. After all, I usually end up wearing quite a bit of it myself!
4.  A big (and not ugly) basket for the living room (mine is from Target). We spend most of our time playing there, and it’s nice to be able to quickly toss all of their toys back into the basket when we’re done. It keeps our home from looking like a daycare. (We also found some from Pottery Barn).

***Have you Registered Yet? If not, Grey is a BIG fan of the online baby registry, Baby List.! You can choose items from Etsy for your unique handmade items (we all have our favorites), and of course all you’re favorite ‘one stop shop’ chains. It’s the best!!!!! You can even register for that CD on Amazon.

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  • Julia on December 20, 2012

    Fantastic advice with the sleep sack. The peace of mind knowing that your baby is not only comfortable, but safe, is invaluable. And as for the baskets, if you don’t have one, your living room may become a warzone of toys!

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