Sep10 Monthly Photos 2014

Monthly photos are all the rage and they can be really cute and such a special treasure to document how your baby grew in the first year. Kelly Lee is an illustrator and has taken her nephews monthly photos to a whole new level. Today we have the first month, we’ll be featuring all 12 at the end of the year :) Stay tuned.
 Monthly Photos

Sep09 Foxy Nursery 2014

For the love of the outdoors, this nursery will make you want to go hiking.
GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak001 Foxy Nursery

The inspiration for Everett’s nursery came from my husband and I’s love of hiking and camping.  We went to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National parks for our babymoon.  We bought the maps, arrow and bear stuffed animal at their visitor centers.  The Amish made rocking chair was passed down to me; My Dad gave it to my Mom when she was pregnant with me.  We bought the Minnetonka moccasin booties in Jackson Hole, WY (while on our babymoon).  The deer painting was done by Bobby Spillman (a friend of ours and local artist).  The accent wall paint is Wish Upon A Star by Farrell Calhoun.  “Everett” banner was made by my best friend for my baby shower.

Baby booties & knotted beanie by Nature Baby in fable print.
Art hoop by little low studio
Keep Calm and Hike On poster by Keep Calm shop
Sweet dreams print by Paper Sparrow
Boris Plays the Mandolin Print by The Black Apple (Emily Martin)
We belong in Portland print by Little Canoe
Crib: Gulliver from Ikea 
Treetop mobile by Skip Hop
Owl mobile by 3 Sprouts
Wink the Owl knit doll by BlaBla
Fox stuffed animal from Anthropologie
Owl blanket by Angel Dear
Rug from Urban Outfitters
Changing pad cover from Land of Nod

GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak002 Foxy Nursery GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak003 Foxy Nursery GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak004 Foxy Nursery GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak005 Foxy Nursery GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak006 Foxy Nursery GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak007 Foxy Nursery GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak008 Foxy Nursery GreyLikesBaby AshleighPeak009 Foxy Nursery

Sep08 Memories in the Mountains 2014

Photographer Nicole Berrett and her family have a cabin in Idaho that they visit. It’s one of those places where they have so many built up memories that the littlest thing, like the smell of the fresh pine air, can bring all those warm memories back.  Nicole wanted to capture these special moments in photographs, so she found some canvases from the fabulous Lindsay Letters that described her little ones, then she caught the every day exploration that comes naturally to kids in the woods.

Photography: Berrett Photography

I hope you enjoy!

GreyLikesBaby NicoleBerrett001 Memories in the Mountains GreyLikesBaby NicoleBerrett002 Memories in the Mountains GreyLikesBaby NicoleBerrett003 Memories in the Mountains GreyLikesBaby NicoleBerrett004 Memories in the Mountains GreyLikesBaby NicoleBerrett005 Memories in the Mountains GreyLikesBaby NicoleBerrett006 Memories in the Mountains GreyLikesBaby NicoleBerrett007 Memories in the Mountains GreyLikesBaby NicoleBerrett008 Memories in the Mountains GreyLikesBaby NicoleBerrett009 Memories in the Mountains GreyLikesBaby NicoleBerrett010 Memories in the Mountains GreyLikesBaby NicoleBerrett011 Memories in the Mountains GreyLikesBaby NicoleBerrett012 Memories in the Mountains

Sep05 Jacadi 2014

Ok, I think it’s time we all admit that we’re obsessed with all things French – including their classy style, language, culture and of course Paris.

The Paris based clothing brand Jacadi has the most tasteful clothing for babies & kids that are perfect for their back-to-school looks. With the school year starting and their refreshed interest in learning your kids will love what Jacadi has developed. If you head to their home page right now you’ll find fun activities for the whole family focused on learning French language and comparing French and American culture. They have come up with the most interactive ways for kids to pick up interesting facts comparing the American and French (and the beginnings of a love for the city of lights).  They review language, school, sports, days of the week, landmarks and more fun facts that are interesting to both us and our children.  So in an effort to create cultured and educated kids let’s have a little fun learning, plus how cute is it to hear your little ones say ‘bonjour’. I might do a  little shopping while I’m there.  Jacadi Here’s my favorite bit of information. The language translations for every day words that your kids can read phonetically.  Jacadi

Sep04 Flowers and Family 2014

Baby Elliot turned one so the family set out to an open field to document their spectacular season of life.  In tow they had fabulous clothing for Elliot, some gorgeous floral headpieces for both mother and daughter, and their big happy smiles ready to shine.

Photography: D.Lillian Photography
Flowers: Botanica Floral Design
Shoes: Freshly Picked
Veils & Headpieces: Wonderfully Stitched
Apparel: Petitbo
GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography001 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography002 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography003 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography004 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography005 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography006 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography007 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography008 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography009 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography010 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography011 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography012 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography013 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography014 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography015 Flowers and Family

GreyLikesBaby DLillianPhotography016 Flowers and Family