Oct14 Cohen & Jones 2014

My sister Brittany had twin boys back in July and my other sister Hayley of T&H Photography took some family and newborn photos of them! There couldn’t possibly be a more beautiful family.

Teepee: Play Haven Teepee
Changing Pad and Sheets: ModFox
Pillows: Ivie Baby
GreyLikesBaby THPhotography001 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography002 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography003 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography004 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography005 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography006 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography007 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography008 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography009 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography010 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography011 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography012 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography013 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography014 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography015 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography016 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography017 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography018 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography019 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography020 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography021 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography022 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography023 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography024 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography025 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography026 Cohen & Jones GreyLikesBaby THPhotography027 Cohen & Jones

Oct10 Winter Coat Roundup 2014

Here’s a roundup of our favorite winter coats for girls.
GreyLikesBaby GirlCoats Winter Coat Roundup
1. My Little Square 2. Minikin 3. la-di-da 4. Barney’s New York 5. Janie and Jack 6. jujubunnyshop 7. Thumbeline 8. Zara Kids 9. J.Crew 10. Caramel Baby & Child 11. Murray & Finn 12. Elias and Grace

Oct09 So Southern 2014

This family did family photos that are overflowing with southern charm. They live in Georgia and even paid a visit to the local farmer’s market together.

Shoes: Freshly Picked
Apparel: Dear Cub & Heart of Hazel
Jewelry: Gramercy Eight

Photography: Dash Photography
GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography001 So Southern GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography002 So Southern GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography003 So Southern GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography004 So Southern GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography005 So Southern GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography006 So Southern GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography007 So Southern GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography008 So Southern GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography009 So Southern GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography010 So Southern GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography011 So Southern GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography012 So Southern GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography013 So Southern GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography014 So Southern GreyLikesBaby DashPhotography015 So Southern

Oct08 maternity at home 2014

You all know I’m obsessed with maternity pictures that are natural, at home and relaxed.  These are so beautiful with the majestic light and the even more fabulous glow of an expecting mother…so basically lots of glowing and I love it.

Photos by: M.Newsom Photography
GreyLikesBaby FanningPhoography001 maternity at home GreyLikesBaby FanningPhoography002 maternity at home GreyLikesBaby FanningPhoography003 maternity at home GreyLikesBaby FanningPhoography004 maternity at home GreyLikesBaby FanningPhoography005 maternity at home GreyLikesBaby FanningPhoography006 maternity at home GreyLikesBaby FanningPhoography007 maternity at home GreyLikesBaby FanningPhoography008 maternity at home GreyLikesBaby FanningPhoography009 maternity at home GreyLikesBaby FanningPhoography010 maternity at home GreyLikesBaby FanningPhoography011 maternity at home GreyLikesBaby FanningPhoography012 maternity at home GreyLikesBaby FanningPhoography013 maternity at home GreyLikesBaby FanningPhoography014 maternity at home

Oct07 Mornings in Los Angeles 2014

Los Angeles, family time, warm pastries, strong coffee and baby kisses makes for a fabulous morning and some fabulous photos.

Tiffany J Photo
GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography001 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography002 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography003 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography004 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography005 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography006 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography007 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography008 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography009 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography010 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography011 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography012 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography013 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography014 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography015 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography016 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography017 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography018 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography019 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography020 Mornings in Los Angeles GreyLikesBaby TIffanyJPhotography021 Mornings in Los Angeles