Mar25 Budu Baby Bag 2014

Remember when we did the giveaway for that amazing BUDU Baby Carrier? Well, there’s more goodness coming from our friends in Australia.  Their goal has always been to give mothers stylish options when selecting baby products, and they have done it again with their leather baby bag.

I have this bag myself and I cannot express to you how perfect it is.  The leather is really high quality, even the changing pad and insulated bottle holder are beautiful, there are so many well designed compartments and pockets that it makes organization really easy, it was made with easy cleaning in mind so a lot of the pieces are removable, the straps are adjustable so you can get any length you want, and of course it’s so gorgeous I would just use it as a purse. BUDU, I love you and your stylish look, high quality products, and a mothers practical design.

BUDU is a member of The Shop and you can get more details HERE.

 Budu Baby Bag  Budu Baby Bag  Budu Baby Bag

Mar20 Little Hip Sqeaks Giveaway 2014

Well don’t I just have the best news for you today!!! The Grey Likes Baby team has partnered up with one of our absolute favorite shops Little Hip Squeaks to bring you a GIVEAWAY.

Little Hip Squeaks started in store owner Amy Richardson’s apartment in Brooklyn, and she has grown it into a flourishing company. Their motto is that kids are fun, and their clothes should be too — it seems these days parents only have a choice between high-end, expensive Scandanavian style kids clothing, or over-designed duds from box stores. They love filling in that middle-ground, where clothing is still bright, playful and well made.

Little Hip Sqeaks is also one of the newest members of THE SHOP, so you can check out more of their wonderful clothing and other goods HERE.

Repost the photo below on instagram, twitter or Facebook and tag @greylikesbaby and @littlehipsqueaks for a chance to win a $100 gifts card to shop at Little Hips Squeaks!!!! Good Luck!

GreyLIkesBabyLittleHipSqueaksGiveaway Little Hip Sqeaks Giveaway
GreyLikesBabyLittleHipSqeaksGiveaway2 Little Hip Sqeaks Giveaway GreyLikesBabyLittleHipSqueaksGiveaway3 Little Hip Sqeaks Giveaway

Mar19 Beaming Maternity Photos 2014

I’m in love, the light, this glowing mother-to-be, beautiful Santa Barbara…every photo radiates beauty and love!

Photography: Jen Huang
GreyLikesBaby JenHuang1401 Beaming Maternity Photos GreyLikesBaby JenHuang1402 Beaming Maternity Photos GreyLikesBaby JenHuang1403 Beaming Maternity Photos GreyLikesBaby JenHuang1404 Beaming Maternity Photos GreyLikesBaby JenHuang1405 Beaming Maternity Photos GreyLikesBaby JenHuang1406 Beaming Maternity Photos GreyLikesBaby JenHuang1407 Beaming Maternity Photos

Mar18 Winston 2014

I have a special place in my heart for really fantastic father/son photos.  They can melt my heart like nothing else, and these ones in particular are extra lovey-dovey wonderful! Photos are stunning, their smiles are made for a crest commercial, and the love is seeping through the photos…it’s a recipe for really dazzling family pictures.

Photography: Amelia Plumb

GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1401 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1402 WinstonGreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1408 WinstonGreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1404 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1403 Winston
GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1405 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1406 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1407 Winston
GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1409 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1410 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1411 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1412 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1413 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1414 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1415 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1416 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1417 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1418 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1419 Winston GreyLikesBaby AmeliaPlumb1420 Winston



Mar17 Oh my deer, I love you 2014

This nursery, I just…I don’t even know what to say. I love it, that’s all.  Be sure to check out the detail links below, there are a lot of great shops in there :)
Photography: Hello Pinecone (we love them!!!!!)

GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1401 Oh my deer, I love you

Sparkly J letter, ‘hello’ canvas, seafoam rhino - house of creative designs 
Cuddle o clock, oh my deer, classic bowtie print - ss print shop 
Wall Decals - urban walls
Green ombre canvas painting - marisa makes
BABY print - sugar paper LA 
Bonjour amour bonjour print  - sarah and bendrix 
Los angeles print - rifle paper co
Wooden dog - anthropologie 
Dream big little one - bc print shop
Deer head - cb2 
Wall shelf, Crib bedding, Elephant plush - restoration hardware
Rug - rugs usa
Birth Announcement - Something Creative

GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1402 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1403 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1404 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1405 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1406 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1407 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1408 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1409 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1410 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1411 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1412 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1413 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1414 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1415 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1416 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1417 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1418 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1419 Oh my deer, I love you GreyLikesBaby HelloPinecone1420 Oh my deer, I love you