Aug18 Flowery Birthday Party 2014

Alexis from The Shift Creative celebrated her daughter’s first birthday in style.  I feel at a loss for words…honestly just scroll through the photos and you’ll be a worldless mess equally in love with this party as I am.  The background was handmade by Alexis as well as the napkins, table clothes and chargers.

Grace in her heart and flowers in her hair print: One another paper
All design/back drop: The Shift Creative
Floral centerpieces: Lavenders flowers
Cake: Jeanine Hardgrave
Coffee and cart: Lift Coffee Roaster
Photography: Kayla Adams

GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams001 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams002 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams003 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams004 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams005 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams006 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams007 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams008 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams009 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams010 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams011 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams012 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams013 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams014 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams015 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams016 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams017 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams018 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams019 Flowery Birthday Party GreyLikesBaby KaylaAdams020 Flowery Birthday Party

Aug14 interior designer inspiration 2014

I recently discovered Little Dwellings, which is a website dedicated to the fabulous nursery interior designer Kate Sparks located in Australia. She has tons of fantastic design packages and recently did a tour of two of the rooms she designed and they’re the berries! You MUST see!
GreyLikesBaby KateSparks001 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks002 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks003 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks004 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks005 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks006 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks007 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks008 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks009 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks010 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks011 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks012 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks013 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks014 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks015 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks016 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks017 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks018 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks019 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks020 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks021 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks022 interior designer inspiration GreyLikesBaby KateSparks023 interior designer inspiration

Aug13 Happy Camping: A birthday Party 2014

Dougnuts for guests, a naked banana and crème fraîche cake drizzled in caramel, utah mountains and lakes, teepees, s’mores, wood sign posts, impeccable details and top it all off with a canoe ride around the lake…I wish they had invited me! With a mom who is a floral and event designer, I wouldn’t expect anything less.  She spent almost a whole year dreaming up a party that exentuates the beauty surrounding them, and by golly did she accomplish such a goal. Take me camping!

Event Planning and Design: Amber Reverie
Photography: Thrill Photo
Cake: Rue De Lis
Fabric Garland and Bandana Bib: Seamingly Sew by Meg
Custom Baby Moccasins: Wanderlust Moccasins
Location: Highland Glen Park
GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson001 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson002 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson003 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson004 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson005 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson006 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson007 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson008 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson009 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson010 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson011 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson012 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson013 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson014 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson015 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson016 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson017 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson018 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson019 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson020 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson021 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson022 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson023 Happy Camping: A birthday Party GreyLikesBaby AmberDickson024 Happy Camping: A birthday Party

Aug12 Designer Nursery 2014

Just a few weeks ago a fabulous blog called Rip+Tan did a feature about the Silver Lake home of an artist/interior designer and a stylist.  As I’m sure you can imagine their entire home is impeccable, so I had to share their daughter James’ nursery because it was just so inspiring.  I appreciate the excellence in design while still maintaining a childish and wild spirit. I must say she is one lucky little lady to be living in such a artful space.
GreyLikesBaby Rip+Tan001 Designer Nursery GreyLikesBaby Rip+Tan002 Designer Nursery GreyLikesBaby Rip+Tan003 Designer Nursery GreyLikesBaby Rip+Tan004 Designer Nursery

Aug08 Guest Blogger: Kelly 2014

She’s more than a year old now. In a few days she’ll be 15 months. We’ve moved from rocking chair to rocking horse… from baby carrier to carrying her own baby. Her face seems like it changes daily.

I remember my mom saying things like: I’m gonna put you in a box so you’ll stop growing and now I get it. As much as we dream of the rest of the firsts that await them, we want them to stay just like they are… and they wont. They aren’t supposed to.

My dear friend Whitney of Whitney Darling Photography feels the same way. When she and another girlfriend and I were planning to get together with our babes, she offered to snap a few pics of us so we could remember this time in our journey of motherhood.

As always happens with the three of us, our simple, no frills plan to ‘snap a few pics’ sprouted wings and we found ourselves in a texting spree of ideation which resulted in the three of us trucking strollers, each other’s babies and lord knows what else down a steep hill in what felt like 1,000 degree heat and a surprisingly crowded beach.

But all was worth it, because Whitney somehow used her camera to transport us to the Carribean. Here are a few of Selah and I

GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling001 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling002 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling003 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling004 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling005 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling006 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling007 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling008 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling009 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling010 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling011 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling012 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling013 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling014 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling015 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling016 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling017 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling018 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling019 Guest Blogger: Kelly GreyLikesBaby WhitneyDarling020 Guest Blogger: Kelly

We were all so blown away by how they turned out that she has actually launched a b&w beach series with mother and child[ren].. here’s where to reach her if you’re in the So Cal area and are interested.

For more from Kelly look here.