Jul03 4th Essentials 2014

Are you ready for the day so full of red white & blue, sunshine and sparklers that you might go to bed a little sunburned, and a little tired but with a bucket full of memories to keep forever. I AM!!! Here are some of my favorite essentials for a well equipped 4th of July for you and baby!
GreyLikesBaby 4thofJuly 4th Essentials

1. Anthropologie Tote Bag // 2. Linen Turkish Beach Towel // 3. Wide Brim Sun Hat // 4. Jonas Paul Eyewear Kids Sunglasses // 5. Red Baby Swimsuit // 6. Kids Fashion Birkenstocks // 7. Suzanne Organics Sunscreen // 8. Red White and Blue Trifle

Jul03 Heavenly Nursery 2014

The theme for this room was dreamy or heavenly, I’m pretty sure they succeeded.  The only problem with a room this peaceful is I would want to take a long afternoon nap every time I stepped inside.
Photography: Kelsey DeWitt
GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt001 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt002 Heavenly Nursery
Rug- All Modern
Crib- All Modern
Pillows in crib- TJ Maxx
Grey Crib sheets- Babies R us
Hanging mobile- All Modern
Round mirror over crib- Hobby Lobby
Starry night stencil- Royal Design Studio
Glider- West Elm
Mint ombre throw- TJ Maxx
White Moroccan leather poof- Amazon
White faux fur sheepskin rug- IKEA
Side table- Overstock.com
Mercury glass lamp and shade- TJ Maxx
Moccasins- Amazon
“The Albaneses” illustration- Etsy
Frame for illustration- TJ Maxx
Lamb Print- Animal Print Shop
Curtains- Pottery Barn Teen
Storage bench- Overstock.com
Metallic storage bins- Serena & Lily
“Dreamer” pillow- Pottery Barn Teen
Wooly plush lamb toys- RH Baby & Child
Hanging Shelves- Pottery Barn Kids
Large frames on Shelves- West Elm
Angel Wings- Etsy
“I love you to the moon and back” print- Etsy
“Dream” embroidered hoop art- Etsy
Mirror over dresser- TJ Maxx, repainted DIY
“You are forever loved” print- Etsy
Shadow box- Hobby Lobby
Gray picture frame- TJ Maxx
Changing pad cover- Target
Grey Diaper Dekor- Target
Laundry basket- Land of Nod
Closet curtain- TJ Maxx
Hanging “Oliver” penant- Pottery Barn Kids

GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt003 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt004 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt005 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt006 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt007 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt008 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt009 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt010 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt011 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt012 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt013 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt014 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt015 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt016 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt017 Heavenly Nursery GreyLikesBaby KelseyDeWitt018 Heavenly Nursery

Jul02 Mountain Maternity 2014

Here are some maternity photos with a gorgeous couple and gorgeous views!

Photography:Kiera Lemonis
Paroda’s Hair & Makeup: Candy’s Style Suite
GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis001 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis002 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis003 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis004 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis005 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis006 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis007 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis008 Mountain Maternity GreyLikesBaby KieraLemonis009 Mountain Maternity

Jul01 Blooming Love 2014

These two welcomed their baby into the world a few weeks ago, but before that they stood in front of the most beautiful blooming trees and captured their love for one another and for Adalyn while they waited to meet her.

Photography: Laura Leslie

GreyLikesBaby LauraLesliePhotography001 Blooming Love GreyLikesBaby LauraLesliePhotography002 Blooming Love GreyLikesBaby LauraLesliePhotography003 Blooming Love GreyLikesBaby LauraLesliePhotography004 Blooming Love GreyLikesBaby LauraLesliePhotography005 Blooming Love GreyLikesBaby LauraLesliePhotography006 Blooming Love GreyLikesBaby LauraLesliePhotography007 Blooming Love GreyLikesBaby LauraLesliePhotography008 Blooming Love GreyLikesBaby LauraLesliePhotography009 Blooming Love GreyLikesBaby LauraLesliePhotography010 Blooming Love GreyLikesBaby LauraLesliePhotography011 Blooming Love GreyLikesBaby LauraLesliePhotography012 Blooming Love GreyLikesBaby LauraLesliePhotography013 Blooming Love

Jun27 Love in Canada 2014

Photographer Sarah Mavro sent us these photos that chronicle a mother and her belly, to a mother and her baby. Their nursery is impeccable and perfectly fit for Casper Bear, with my particular favorites being the mobile and the pine tree blanket. Enjoy!

GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro001 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro002 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro003 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro004 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro005 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro006 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro007 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro008 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro010 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro011 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro012 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro013 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro014 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro015 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro016 Love in Canada GreyLikesBaby SarahMavro017 Love in Canada