Jan09 Hazel & Sloan turn 1 2015

Hazel and Sloan turned 1 and they were celebrated with a Paper Bag Princess Theme. The cake with the bow on it…get in my life!

Photos: Type A Photography

GreyLikesBaby TypeAPhotography001 Hazel & Sloan turn 1 GreyLikesBaby TypeAPhotography002 Hazel & Sloan turn 1 GreyLikesBaby TypeAPhotography003 Hazel & Sloan turn 1 GreyLikesBaby TypeAPhotography004 Hazel & Sloan turn 1 GreyLikesBaby TypeAPhotography005 Hazel & Sloan turn 1 GreyLikesBaby TypeAPhotography006 Hazel & Sloan turn 1 GreyLikesBaby TypeAPhotography007 Hazel & Sloan turn 1 GreyLikesBaby TypeAPhotography008 Hazel & Sloan turn 1 GreyLikesBaby TypeAPhotography009 Hazel & Sloan turn 1 GreyLikesBaby TypeAPhotography010 Hazel & Sloan turn 1 GreyLikesBaby TypeAPhotography011 Hazel & Sloan turn 1 GreyLikesBaby TypeAPhotography012 Hazel & Sloan turn 1 GreyLikesBaby TypeAPhotography013 Hazel & Sloan turn 1 GreyLikesBaby TypeAPhotography014 Hazel & Sloan turn 1

Jan08 Vineyard Baby Shower 2015

Here is a fresh and beautiful shower sent to us by Chelsie from Jackie’s Flowers.  It was thrown for coordinator Gigi Mallatt and ‘man oh man’ was she celebrated in style.

GreyLikesBaby ChelsiePerez001 Vineyard Baby Shower

Venue: Scribner Bend Vineyards
Photography: Colleen Riley Photography
Planning & Design: Gigi Mallatt Events
Floral Design: Jackie’s Flowers
Tabletop Rentals: Dogwood Party Rentals
Farm Table + Vineyard Chairs + Linens: Classic Party Rentals
Caterer: Bella Bru Catering
Mini Desserts: Estelle’s Patisserie
Mini Cakes: Paper Heart Patisserie
Paper Items: Pigment & Parchment
Hair & Makeup: All Dolled Up Makeup & Hair

GreyLikesBaby ChelsiePerez002 Vineyard Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby ChelsiePerez003 Vineyard Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby ChelsiePerez004 Vineyard Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby ChelsiePerez005 Vineyard Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby ChelsiePerez006 Vineyard Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby ChelsiePerez007 Vineyard Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby ChelsiePerez008 Vineyard Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby ChelsiePerez009 Vineyard Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby ChelsiePerez010 Vineyard Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby ChelsiePerez011 Vineyard Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby ChelsiePerez012 Vineyard Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby ChelsiePerez013 Vineyard Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby ChelsiePerez014 Vineyard Baby Shower

Jan07 Manhattan Family Photos 2015

So much joy and family connection in these photos.  They were taken in the family’s home in Manhattan with gorgeous views and sunny bright light.

Photography: Nicki Sebastian 

GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion001 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion002 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion003 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion004 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion005 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion006 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion007 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion008 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion009 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion010 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion011 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion012 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion013 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion014 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion015 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion016 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion017 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion018 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion019 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion020 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion021 Manhattan Family Photos GreyLikesBaby NickiSebastion022 Manhattan Family Photos

Dec29 Zoey 2014

Blogger Lindsey Marlor of Pillow Thought recently unveiled the nursery she so beautifully decorated for her daughter Zoey. My favorite little detail is the gold dipped feather mobile. Talk about a dreamy nursery.

GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor001 Zoey

Zoey: Onesie: Old Navy / similar | Headband: Elle Bowtique
Crib:Ikea | Crib Skirt: Restoration Hardware | Crib Sheet: Buy Buy Baby | Pillow: Home Goods
Curtains: Bed Bath & Beyond | White Rocker: Amazon | Accent Table: Tuesday Morning
Rug: Ikea | Swaddle Blanket: Saranoni | Plush Doll: Live Sweet Shop
Mobile &Feather Banner: DIY
Floral Z: DIY -Wood Z from Hobby Lobby or Joannes
^Florals pieces: Michaels/ Hobby Lobby/ Joannes
Dresser: Ikea / spray painted knobs | Paper Flowers:West Elm | Deer Head: Target
Lamp: Home Goods | Diaper Genie: Amazon
White Frame: Kohls | Print: Alice and Ivory
Changing Pad Cover: Lake Street Ave

Read more about the nursery HERE

GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor002 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor003 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor004 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor005 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor006 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor007 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor008 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor009 Zoey GreyLikesBaby LindseyMarlor010 Zoey

Dec25 Merry Christmas! 2014

Merry Christmas lovely readers. I hope you have a fabulous day full of family and full of Joy.

This family is so precious and expecting a baby soon, so Kris and Addy went to Peltzer Pines Christmas Tree Farm near Los Angeles to document their growing family in cozy sweaters amidst the beautiful trees.

Photography: Jenna Bechtholt

GreyLikesBaby JennaBechtholt001 Merry Christmas! GreyLikesBaby JennaBechtholt002 Merry Christmas! GreyLikesBaby JennaBechtholt003 Merry Christmas! GreyLikesBaby JennaBechtholt004 Merry Christmas! GreyLikesBaby JennaBechtholt005 Merry Christmas! GreyLikesBaby JennaBechtholt006 Merry Christmas! GreyLikesBaby JennaBechtholt007 Merry Christmas! GreyLikesBaby JennaBechtholt008 Merry Christmas! GreyLikesBaby JennaBechtholt009 Merry Christmas!