Sep30 Belly Dance Maternity 2014

Expectant fashionistas have discovered the exquisite maternity shop Belly Dance Maternity. They have grown quickly from their home town of Chicago and into NYC and LA as well with exposure in national magazines such as InStyle, Us Weekly, and People, and numerous television appearances, (Gwyneth Paltrow recently named Belly Dance Maternity as one of her style favorites for the mother-to-be). Check it out to find your fall baby bump looks. GreyLikesBaby BellyDanceMaternity2 Belly Dance Maternity

Here are some of my favorites:

GreyLikesBaby BellyDanceMaternity1 Belly Dance Maternity

Sep29 Family Photos in Florida 2014

You’re going to love these photos, I love them.  My absolute favorites are the ones with big brother kissing their new precious baby.

Melanie Gabrielle Photography
GreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle001 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle002 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle003 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle004 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle005 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle006 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle007 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle008 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle009 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle010 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle011 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle012 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle013 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle014 Family Photos in FloridaGreyLikesBaby MelanieGabrielle015 Family Photos in Florida

Sep26 Get This Look: Casual Friday 2014

This is our last in a series of three style caster maternity street style copy-cats. We shopped the look for a trendy overalls outfit, an every-day outfit, and today we have a very New York Casual Friday.  We have got some stylin mothers-to-be!
GreyLikesBaby GetThisLook3 Get This Look: Casual Friday

1. Madewell Transport Tote 2. H&M MAMA Pants OR Hatch Collection Drawstring Pants 3. Urban Outfitters Open Weave Slouch Beanie 4. Scotch & Soda Stretch Wool Mix Blazer Or Hatch Collection Blazer 5. Top Shop Crew Neck Jumper



Sep24 shades of white 2014

You know how obsessed I am with Alyssa Rosenheck and all her work.  Here are some maternity photos that are crisp, clean and a thousand shades of white.

Styling + Photography: Alyssa Rosenheck Photography
Tan Hoodie Wrap: Banana Republic 
Recipe Box: Rifle Paper Co
Blue Egg Holder: Anthropologie
Newborn Card: 1canoe2 Letterpress
Gray Maternity TShirt: Target Maternity
Gold Necklace: J Crew
All Chairs seen in the session: World Market

Alyssa is a Grey Likes Baby Collective member.  Click here to see her profile and others.
GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck001 shades of white GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck002 shades of white GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck003 shades of white GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck004 shades of white GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck005 shades of white GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck006 shades of white GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck007 shades of white GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck008 shades of white GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck009 shades of white GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck010 shades of white GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck011 shades of white GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck012 shades of white GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck013 shades of white GreyLikesBaby AlyssaRosenheck014 shades of white

Sep23 Family at home 2014

This family wanted something a little different for their family photos without being stiff or posed.  I think they have done such a fabulous job with some natural and joyful photos that they’ll treasure forever.  Here’s a little inspiration from photographer Brooke Schultz:

“As a photographer, I’ve fallen in love with capturing families in their homes–in the place their kids know and love best, in the rooms where so many memories are made. Families often protest that their home isn’t beautiful enough for photos, so I teamed up with Flower Afternoon to create a floral installation to prove that you don’t need the perfect house to have lovely photos in it. With simple ferns hanging from the ceiling and a few candles and blooms on the nightstands, the bedroom was transformed into a gorgeous setting for photos.”

Photography: Brooke Shultz
Flowers: Flower Afternoon  

GreyLikesBaby BrookeSchultz001 Family at home GreyLikesBaby BrookeSchultz002 Family at home GreyLikesBaby BrookeSchultz003 Family at home GreyLikesBaby BrookeSchultz004 Family at home GreyLikesBaby BrookeSchultz005 Family at home GreyLikesBaby BrookeSchultz006 Family at home GreyLikesBaby BrookeSchultz007 Family at home GreyLikesBaby BrookeSchultz008 Family at home GreyLikesBaby BrookeSchultz009 Family at home GreyLikesBaby BrookeSchultz010 Family at home GreyLikesBaby BrookeSchultz011 Family at home GreyLikesBaby BrookeSchultz012 Family at home GreyLikesBaby BrookeSchultz013 Family at home