Dec11 Hello Love 2014

Love this nursery, love these photos, love this family! Happy Thursday!

Photography: BPosh Photo
Floral Crowns: Lemons and Lace
GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto001 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto002 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto003 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto004 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto005 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto006 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto007 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto008 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto009 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto010 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto011 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto012 Hello Love GreyLikesBaby BPoshPhoto013 Hello Love

Dec09 Bel & Beau 2014

First thing you need to know about today’s post is you must. follow. Isoblel.  Isobel is a spectacular and fashionable blogger of Bel & Beau.  Look at it, I love it, you’ll love it, we all love it.

Anyways Isobel recently had some maternity photos taken of her and we just had to share their elegant beauty with you. Also Holden’s blonde hair. It’s just too much.

Photography: Taryn Kent

GreyLikesBaby Isobel001 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel002 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel003 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel004 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel005 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel006 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel007 Bel & Beau GreyLikesBaby Isobel008 Bel & Beau

Dec08 Cozy Birthday 2014

Warning, you’re going to want to have s’mores and hot chocolate wearing a big cable knit sweater once you look at this wintery birthday party. The little celebration took place in Illinois which provided a fabulous fall tree for the backdrop.  Throw in some chocolate, some fire roasted marshmallows, blankets and best friends and there you have the coziest birthday party ever!

GreyLikesBaby WojoImagePhotography001 Cozy Birthday

Organized and Styled by: Agnieszka Wojtowicz and Kejt Wegrzyniak

Tutus: Kejt Wegrzyniak
Cake: Toni Patisserie 
Hair: Penthouse Hairstyling 
Rental: Shadow Box Dreams
Floral: Dahlia Blooms 
Invitation: Sarah Pederson Design
Photography: WojoImage

GreyLikesBaby WojoImagePhotography002 Cozy Birthday GreyLikesBaby WojoImagePhotography003 Cozy Birthday GreyLikesBaby WojoImagePhotography004 Cozy Birthday GreyLikesBaby WojoImagePhotography005 Cozy Birthday GreyLikesBaby WojoImagePhotography006 Cozy Birthday GreyLikesBaby WojoImagePhotography007 Cozy Birthday GreyLikesBaby WojoImagePhotography008 Cozy Birthday GreyLikesBaby WojoImagePhotography009 Cozy Birthday GreyLikesBaby WojoImagePhotography010 Cozy Birthday GreyLikesBaby WojoImagePhotography011 Cozy Birthday GreyLikesBaby WojoImagePhotography012 Cozy Birthday   GreyLikesBaby WojoImagePhotography014 Cozy Birthday

Dec06 A Bonnet 2014

One of our Collective Members Lisa Diederich sent us these absolutely gorgeous photos of Baby Caroline and her parents. They’ll take your breath away.
GreyLikesBaby LisaDiederich001 A Bonnet GreyLikesBaby LisaDiederich002 A Bonnet GreyLikesBaby LisaDiederich003 A Bonnet GreyLikesBaby LisaDiederich004 A Bonnet GreyLikesBaby LisaDiederich005 A Bonnet

Dec03 saturdays 2014

These photos are the stuff of saturdays…Waffle making, flower arranging, family cuddling, card playing and book reading, that’s my kind of day.

Photography: Emilia Gunko
GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko001 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko002 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko003 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko004 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko005 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko006 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko007 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko008 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko009 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko010 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko011 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko012 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko013 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko014 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko015 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko016 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko017 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko018 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko019 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko020 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko021 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko022 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko023 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko024 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko025 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko026 saturdays GreyLikesBaby EmiliaGunko027 saturdays