Mar13 Fresh Maternity Photos 2014

Maria Hibbs of Squaresville Studio sent us these ravishing maternity photos and couldn’t resist sharing them with you. Enjoy!

GreyLikeBaby Squaresville1401 Fresh Maternity Photos GreyLikeBaby Squaresville1402 Fresh Maternity Photos
GreyLikeBaby Squaresville1404 Fresh Maternity Photos GreyLikeBaby Squaresville1405 Fresh Maternity Photos GreyLikeBaby Squaresville1406 Fresh Maternity Photos GreyLikeBaby Squaresville1407 Fresh Maternity PhotosGreyLikeBaby Squaresville1403 Fresh Maternity Photos GreyLikeBaby Squaresville1408 Fresh Maternity Photos GreyLikeBaby Squaresville1409 Fresh Maternity Photos GreyLikeBaby Squaresville1410 Fresh Maternity Photos GreyLikeBaby Squaresville1411 Fresh Maternity Photos GreyLikeBaby Squaresville1412 Fresh Maternity Photos


Mar11 Jonas Paul Eyewear 2014

Here’s a lovely new product for you to get obsessed about…Jonas Paul Eyewear! A little insider information into my life, me and my three sisters are pretty darn close to being blind. Our husband get a lot of entertainment out of our childhood photos with some pretty unfortunate glasses choices (thanks a lot mom). So here’s another option in which our kids will look back at photos and thank us for putting them in hip glasses (you’re welcome kids).

Here’s more:

For each pair of Jonas Paul Eyewear frames purchased, they give support to CBM International to bring vision to a person in need through a pair of glasses or corrective surgery.
GreyLikesBaby JonasPaulEyewear1401 Jonas Paul Eyewear GreyLikesBaby JonasPaulEyewear1402 Jonas Paul Eyewear GreyLikesBaby JonasPaulEyewear1403 Jonas Paul Eyewear

Mar07 Florals and Maternity 2014

Here’s the thing…Shannen Natasha is one of our absolute favorite photographers and she has done it again with these really simple yet radiant maternity photos.  We got our hands on these lovely photos thanks to Designer/Photographer Kayla Adams who keeps her eye out for gorgeousness and sends it along to us.  I’m simply rapt by these photos, you will be too! xoxo
GreyLikesBaby ShannenNorman1301 Florals and Maternity GreyLikesBaby ShannenNorman1302 Florals and Maternity GreyLikesBaby ShannenNorman1303 Florals and Maternity GreyLikesBaby ShannenNorman1304 Florals and Maternity GreyLikesBaby ShannenNorman1305 Florals and Maternity GreyLikesBaby ShannenNorman1306 Florals and Maternity GreyLikesBaby ShannenNorman1307 Florals and Maternity GreyLikesBaby ShannenNorman1308 Florals and Maternity GreyLikesBaby ShannenNorman1309 Florals and Maternity GreyLikesBaby ShannenNorman1310 Florals and Maternity GreyLikesBaby ShannenNorman1311 Florals and Maternity GreyLikesBaby ShannenNorman1312 Florals and Maternity

Mar06 An Orange Striped Teepee 2014

Ashley of Recollection Vintage sent us photos of her new baby Hugh and his bright nursery, taken by Kimberly Chau. Enjoy :)


GreyLikesBaby1401 An Orange Striped Teepee

Crib, bedding and dresser- Rh Baby & Child
Tent pig, and cloud garland- Land of Nod
Star decals-Urban Walls
Mobile and Oh Happy Day hoop- Blue Without You Kids
Plush fox wall mount- Kelsey Davis Designs
Name Blocks- Itsy Blocks
Paper Quilled name- City of Dionne
Alphabet print: Rifle Paper Company
Vintage rolling cart- Serena and Lily
Fur Stool- Target
Hugh’s Hat and Tie- Soft Knots

Photography: Kimberly Chau

GreyLikesBaby1402 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1403 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1404 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1405 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1406 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1407 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1408 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1409 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1410 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1411 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1412 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1413 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1414 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1415 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1416 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1417 An Orange Striped Teepee GreyLikesBaby1418 An Orange Striped Teepee

Mar04 The Collective 2014

We have added so many new members to our collective so I had to share with you some of the loveliness we’ve added.

If you don’t know what our collective is…get excited!!! It’s a group of our favorite artisan shops, photographers, clothing stores, and MORE! It’s such a fun recourse if you are ever looking for a product or a vendor it’s a quick easy way to find some of the best in the industry.

Sooo, a round of applause for our new (and renewed) kids on the block:

We’ve got car seat covers, photography from LA based Melody Melikian and  from the South we have Kati Mallory, plus some diaper bags and baby carriers from BUDU, and finally some amazingly modern nursery decor from Maya Kimiko!

For Fashion, we’ve added Flora & Henri which I am pretty much obsessed with.   I look at their clothing and it hurts my heart because I want to purchase everything.  So if you want to do some shopping click HERE. 

GreyLikesBaby FlorHenri14 08 The Collective  The Collective

Next up from our Photography Collective we’ve got Jane’s Lens who is from NY/NJ but is available worldwide.  Her photos have so much movement and energy, it’s like a little espresso shot of inspiration when I look at them.

GreyLIkesBaby JanesLens The Collective

And finally from Adelaide/ Barossa Valley South Australia, Melanie Stevens of With Love & Lace Photography has also joined the ranks with lighting that will make you melt!

indiana The Collective