Jun12 Hot Air Balloon First Birthday 2014

I love featuring Korean First Birthdays because they are the loveliest mixture of extravagant design and tradition. This beautiful birthday party is no different with the hot air balloon theme and perfectly baked desserts with a few perfectly arranged blooms.

Photography: Esther Sun Photography
Desserts & Table Styling: Cake Creamery
Backdrop & Hot Air Balloon Prop: Ritzy Parties, Inc.
Florals: California Floral & Design
Photobooth: Clikgram
Korean Dol Towers, Yarn Wrapped ombre name, ONE yarn wrapped letter, hot air balloon centerpieces: DIY
Venue: Pretend City, Irvine, CA

GreyLikesBaby EstherSun001 Hot Air Balloon First Birthday GreyLikesBaby EstherSun002 Hot Air Balloon First Birthday GreyLikesBaby EstherSun003 Hot Air Balloon First Birthday GreyLikesBaby EstherSun004 Hot Air Balloon First Birthday GreyLikesBaby EstherSun005 Hot Air Balloon First Birthday GreyLikesBaby EstherSun006 Hot Air Balloon First Birthday GreyLikesBaby EstherSun007 Hot Air Balloon First Birthday GreyLikesBaby EstherSun008 Hot Air Balloon First Birthday GreyLikesBaby EstherSun009 Hot Air Balloon First Birthday GreyLikesBaby EstherSun010 Hot Air Balloon First Birthday GreyLikesBaby EstherSun011 Hot Air Balloon First Birthday

Jun12 Wild Cake Smash 2014

For Lucas’ first birthday his mother and photographer Krista Lii had a vision for a cake celebration in the middle of nothing but nature and a cake that reflects that theme. Job well done!

Location: Toronto, Canada
Photography: Krista Lii Photography
Cake: Bloom Cake Co.
Crown: Opposite of Far
Moccasins: Freshly Picked
GreyLikesBaby KristaliiPHotography001 Wild Cake Smash GreyLikesBaby KristaliiPHotography002 Wild Cake Smash GreyLikesBaby KristaliiPHotography003 Wild Cake Smash GreyLikesBaby KristaliiPHotography004 Wild Cake Smash GreyLikesBaby KristaliiPHotography005 Wild Cake Smash GreyLikesBaby KristaliiPHotography006 Wild Cake Smash

Jun10 Equestrian Baby Shower 2014

The fabulous florist Lauryl is a dear friend of the Grey Likes team and she was twice as lucky in love to be pregnant with twins.  Although it was a difficult pregnancy and an early delivery, the twins are here and healthy.  Lauryl was celebrated in style with powerhouse team designing a gorgeous modern equestrian shower that has left us all in awe. Flower Muse, who provided all the gorgeous blooms for arranging made the experience so simple and fabulous! If you haven’t heard of Flower Muse, they are an incredible delivery service of flowers, perfect for anyone wanting to get their hands on those beauties without the hassle of a flower mart!

100 Layer Cake-let was lovely enough to feature this shower a few weeks backs but we thought our readers would want a glimpse into this loveliness as well, so we hope you enjoy!

Hosted by :Gianna SanFilippo, Chic Celebrations // Cortnie, The Venue Report // Summer, Grey Likes Weddings  // Sarah, La Tavola Linens

GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford001 Equestrian Baby Shower

Photography: Michael Radford
Venue: The Loft on Pine
Catering: Contemporary Catering
Flowers:Flower Muse
Calligraphy: Victoria Hoke Lane
Horse Place Cards: Mae Mae Paperie
Vintage Rentals: Found Vintage Rentals
Rentals: Signature Party Rentals
Linens: LaTavola
Pie: The Pie & Beer Club

GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford002 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford003 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford004 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford005 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford006 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford007 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford008 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford009 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford010 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford011 Equestrian Baby Shower

The place-settings each included a custom-designed card from Mae Mae Paperie that read:

“Two miracles born in the Year of the Horse—which, as the Chinese Zodiac tells us, means they will be bright, cheerful, popular, fun loving, perceptive, talented, earthy and stubborn. Their keen judgment and natural intuition often help them make the right decisions throughout their life. It is said, those born in the Year of the Horse don’t need to struggle in order to succeed and obtain the fine things life has to offer. They find people and crowds exciting and love parties.They are clever, kind to others, and their childish innocence, sunny disposition, and natural charm attract many friends.

May our two little darlings reflect these traits, yet even more so, may they take after their strong, gracious, talented and joyful mother who we celebrate today!”

GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford012 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford013 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford014 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford015 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford016 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford017 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford018 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford019 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford020 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford021 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford022 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford023 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford024 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford025 Equestrian Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby MichaelRadford026 Equestrian Baby Shower

Jun09 Brittany’s Baby Shower 2014

Summer of Grey Likes Weddings and I have two other sisters and both of them are pregnant. Hayley who was due on June 4th is waiting for her third to come, and Summer and I are here in Tennesse waiting for his or her arrival. Our other sister Brittany is due with twin boys on July 4th and a few months back we threw her a baby shower. It was such a perfect day and I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into it’s loveliness.

Flowers by Grey Likes
Photography by T & H Photography

GreyLikesBaby0011 Brittanys Baby Shower
GreyLikesBaby002 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby003 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby004 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby005 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby006 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby007 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby008 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby009 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby010 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby011 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby012 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby013 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby014 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby015 Brittanys Baby Shower GreyLikesBaby016 Brittanys Baby Shower
Here’s another little treat for you…some maternity photos of Brittany and her family photographed by Trever Hoehne
THP BADJONES 0001 Brittanys Baby ShowerTHP BADJONES 0085B Brittanys Baby ShowerTHP BADJONES 0061 Brittanys Baby Shower

Jun05 Leather and Love 2014

One of our collective members and fave photographers Kati Mallory sent us these nursery and newborn photos that we are obsessed with.  With a graphic design mother, baby Trent was bound to have a spectacular nursery, and sure enough it’s beyond! I adore the Navy chair with the patterned pillow and absolutely spectacular handmade-stitched leather pouf.

Thanks Kati, you’re a star!

GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory001 Leather and Love
Glider in Lagoon: West Elm
Glider pouf: Etsy
Glider pillow case: Amazon
Dresser/ Changing table: Ikea
Crib: Amazon
Crib Sheets: Target
Rug: Ikea
Artwork in Navy: Lindsay Letters
Artwork in Night: Lindsay Letters
Artwork Giraffe: The Animal Print Shop
Artwork Son of the King: Etsy
Deer Head: White Faux Taxidermy
Toy Basket: Target
Bookshelves: Ikea
Lampshade, Vase, Changing Table Picture Frames: Target
Changing Table Mirror and Lamp are Vintage

GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory002 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory003 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory004 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory005 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory006 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory007 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory008 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory009 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory010 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory011 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory012 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory013 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory014 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory015 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory016 Leather and Love GreyLikesBaby KatiMallory017 Leather and Love