Sep22 Petunia Pickle Bottom’s fall collection 2014

I have had the great opportunity of getting a hands-on look at the new Petunia Pickle Bottom fall line of bags.  I love the Hideaway Hobo bag in Champs-Elysees stop.  It’s the perfect size and well compartmented, and the fabulous grey color is neutral to go with all your fall looks (although the bright colors are to die for as well).  It’s a diaper bag, but it also just looks like the classiest every-day handbag there ever was.

My sister just had twins a few months ago and she is over the moon about the Wistful Weekender Bag because it’s the perfect amount of space for double the baby items she’s carrying around (she love it so much, she has it in two colors).

image001 Petunia Pickle Bottoms fall collection

Sep19 High Chair Roundup 2014

Our favorite modern Highchairs for your shopping convenience. Some of them are weird euro brands but they’re still good inspiration.  You can also take a look at IKEA’s modern highchair.  
GreyLikesBaby HighChair High Chair Roundup
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Sep18 bubbles and blankets 2014

These are my favorite types of images. I feel as though we just got a special peak into the real life of this gorgeous family. The detail images of little girl fingers and toes, bubbles and blonde hair, peek-a-boo and blankets…it’s all the extraordinary details of everyday life.

Photos: Mischa Bolton Photography

GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton001 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton002 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton003 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton004 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton005 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton006 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton007 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton008 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton009 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton010 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton011 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton012 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton013 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton014 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton015 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton016 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton017 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton018 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton019 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton020 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton021 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton022 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton023 bubbles and blankets GreyLikesBaby MischaBolton024 bubbles and blankets

Sep17 Little Green Pouch 2014

For mom’s who love those baby food pouches due to their fabulous convenience; but for those who are eco friendly, health minded and money conscience, this Little Green Pouch is absolutely for you! Here’s what makes this special, the pouch is re-usable! If you’re the hippie type who likes to make your own baby food, or you don’t want to pay $1.50 per pre-made pouch, or you’re the enviro type who want to save the earth, the Little Green Pouch is your dream product.  The pouches are made like any normal baby food pouch but with a zip lock on the top to wash, re-fill and re-use. The pouches have tons of different attachments for the dispensing piece including spoons and silicon spout dispensers. There are a few different sizes depending on how much food you want to bring, and you can re-use them 50 times or more. So, from the Little Green Pouch and Baby Grey, your welcome for making your life a little more enviro, hippie and penny saving all at once.

Click HERE to read up on all the details.

GreyLikesBaby LittleGreenPouch004 Little Green Pouch
GreyLikesBaby LittleGreenPouch006 Little Green Pouch

Sep16 Ritzy Bee Shower 2014

Beatrice Lily was welcomed into the world four weeks ago, but before that friends and family came around to celebrate and anticipate her arrival. The event was held at the mother-to-be and event planner extraordinaire Maria of Ritzy Bee’s home .  The event was hosted by fellow Ritzy Bee genius Kelly and Suann of Simplesong Design.

Here’s Maria with a few of her favorite shower details:

“The invitation was an adorable carved wood B block with the details of the shower wrapped around them on a letter pressed card folded around the block…set on a little nest and mailed in a beautiful box. They took off a spin off my nursery animal menagerie theme and put adorable moss baby animals (giraffe, elephant & bears) around my house for decor…and the B wreath motif was made into a beautiful custom fabric used for the table runner, pillows and onto the panels of the outside bar.”

Event planning & design: Kelly Seizert Ritzy Bee Events
Photographer credits: Maria Vicencio Photography 
Floral and decor: Amaryllis Inc. Floral + Event Design 
Catering: Design Cuisine
Invitation & paper products: SIMPLESONG design  + Raff Embossing 

GreyLikesBaby RitzyBee001 Ritzy Bee Shower GreyLikesBaby RitzyBee002 Ritzy Bee Shower GreyLikesBaby RitzyBee003 Ritzy Bee Shower GreyLikesBaby RitzyBee004 Ritzy Bee Shower GreyLikesBaby RitzyBee005 Ritzy Bee Shower GreyLikesBaby RitzyBee006 Ritzy Bee Shower GreyLikesBaby RitzyBee007 Ritzy Bee Shower GreyLikesBaby RitzyBee008 Ritzy Bee Shower GreyLikesBaby RitzyBee009 Ritzy Bee Shower GreyLikesBaby RitzyBee010 Ritzy Bee Shower GreyLikesBaby RitzyBee011 Ritzy Bee Shower GreyLikesBaby RitzyBee012 Ritzy Bee Shower GreyLikesBaby RitzyBee013 Ritzy Bee Shower GreyLikesBaby RitzyBee014 Ritzy Bee Shower