Jan30 expecting in manhattan 2015

Fab LA/NY photographer Kat Harris sent us these glowing maternity photos! I had to share so you could bask with me in the beauty of the photos and central park and the light and that smile and THAT DRESS!

GreyLikesBaby KatHarris001 expecting in manhattan GreyLikesBaby KatHarris002 expecting in manhattan GreyLikesBaby KatHarris003 expecting in manhattan GreyLikesBaby KatHarris004 expecting in manhattan GreyLikesBaby KatHarris005 expecting in manhattan GreyLikesBaby KatHarris006 expecting in manhattan GreyLikesBaby KatHarris007 expecting in manhattan GreyLikesBaby KatHarris008 expecting in manhattan GreyLikesBaby KatHarris009 expecting in manhattan GreyLikesBaby KatHarris010 expecting in manhattanGreyLikesBaby KatHarris011 expecting in manhattan

GreyLikesBaby KatHarris012 expecting in manhattan

GreyLikesBaby KatHarris013 expecting in manhattan

GreyLikesBaby KatHarris014 expecting in manhattan

GreyLikesBaby KatHarris015 expecting in manhattan

Jan29 Twins! 2015

Spectacular florist and Grey Likes super-crush Lauryl recently had a set of fabulously beautiful twins. We featured her baby shower back in June which I think we all shared a total obsession for, soOOoo I’ve officially decided I love all things having to do with her and her babies and her flowers.  Photographed by none other than Jen Huang!
GreyLikesBaby JenHuang001 Twins! GreyLikesBaby JenHuang002 Twins! GreyLikesBaby JenHuang003 Twins! GreyLikesBaby JenHuang004 Twins! GreyLikesBaby JenHuang005 Twins! GreyLikesBaby JenHuang006 Twins! GreyLikesBaby JenHuang007 Twins! GreyLikesBaby JenHuang008 Twins! T

Jan28 Joie De Vivre 2015

Straight out of a Nora Ephron Movie…This beautiful couple had their first date in Paris while they were studying abroad. On their 6 year anniversary they went back to the City of Lights and documented their growing family while wandering down all the streets and bridges they wandered down in the very beginning.

Photography: Tala Nicole
GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson001 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson002 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson003 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson004 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson005 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson006 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson007 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson008 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson009 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson010 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson011 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson012 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson013 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson014 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson015 Joie De Vivre GreyLikesBaby KatieHenderson016 Joie De Vivre

Jan27 Ava Grace 2015

Baby Ava, Flowers, Dreamy Nursery, Beautiful Mom…Happy Tuesday.

Photography: Taylor Kinzie
GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography001 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography002 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography003 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography004 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography005 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography006 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography007 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography008 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography009 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography010 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography011 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography012 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography013 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography014 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography015 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography016 Ava Grace GreyLikesBaby TaylorKinziePhotography017 Ava Grace

Jan22 Ellia turns two 2015

Ok so here’s what I have to say about this party…Natalie Spencer is a Master!  She photographed the party, designed it with her sister AND made all the desserts. She’s my hero and this party will blow your mind.

Photography: Natalie Spencer Photography
Natalie’s Blog: Glitter and the Girls
Styling, design, flowers, stationary, favours: Darling & Daisy
Ellia’s Dress: Pippy Lou
Ellia’s purple flower headband: Arrow & Lace Designs
YAY cake topper: Louis B – The Party Shop

GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer001 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer002 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer003 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer004 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer005 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer006 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer007 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer008 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer009 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer010 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer011 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer012 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer013 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer014 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer015 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer016 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer017 Ellia turns two GreyLikesBaby NatalieSpencer018 Ellia turns two