Apr01 blush & gold // meet & greet 2014

The desserts! All those beautiful pink desserts. Oh and the flowers, all those beautiful flowers in arrangements and on cakes.  The balloons, the sparkles, the polka dots, the bows…I can’t even articulate how much I love this meet & greet, just go look at it!
Planning, Design & Custom Stationery: Melissa Baum Events
Dessert Table: Truffle Cake & Pastry
Catering: Encore Catering

Event Description from Melissa Baum:

A sweet, little baby girl was just born and we couldn’t think of better excuse to throw a party.
When I first met with Penny’s mom, she told me she wanted the party blush and gold. She loved those colours but especially thought it tied in with Penny’s name as coins take on that palette. Oh, and she also loves balloons. We had to have balloons!
The event was held at the family’s home. One which they just renovated and they thought it was an excellent opportunity for guests to come see it as well! As the house is brand new, not all of the furniture was in place yet and the front entrance (soon to be dining room) was the perfect place to put a grand sweet table that every guest could not miss as they entered. Truffle Cake & Pastry created the most delectable desserts in of course, blush and gold. The table was too pretty to eat. To bring in the balloons, we created custom stationery, napkins and a logo for Penny all featuring a balloon. Mini cupcakes were also topped with balloon shaped cupcake toppers! To signify pennies, we bought gold wrapped chocolate coins and labeled them as “Golden Pennies”
To keep the guests’ stomachs satisfied, we offered both a savoury and sweet table. The savoury table featured different chips and crackers and was surrounded by mini sandwiches, assorted dips, cheeses and fruits. Encore Catering provided all the delicious snacks.
Curly Girl Flowers was responsible for the stunning floral arrangements especially the statement piece that sat in the middle of the savoury station.
After all the eating, came the drinking. We set up a beautiful bar – featuring mimosas, wine, scotch and coffee. Dotted straws, a custom menu and vintage blush and gold tea sets completed the look!
And the balloons – we had to get the best balloons! We ordered 5 tier balloon trees in our colours and topped with a heart and P shape gold mylar balloon. They were the perfect accent to the room!
Heidi Lau provided all the gorgeous imagery.
This party was truly a dream to plan!GreyLikesBaby-MelissaBaum1405

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  • The Headband Atelier on April 02, 2014

    The color pallet is amazing. But I just love the wash of color in the food options. Gorg! And the baby’s name is Penny. I love it!!! Great job!!

  • ac on April 03, 2014

    BLUSH colored donuts!! How did they do it? Gorgeous.

  • Barb on November 02, 2015

    Where did you get the printed cocktail napkins? Thanks

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  • Shani on October 08, 2016

    Hay, I like to know where to bay the little thing you pot on the macron
    Thank u

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