Dec22 Confetti for a baby 2015

Some of my all time favorite photographers sent me these lovely photos.  They start with a nursery and baby bump and end with a family of three cuddled up together at last!

Photos: Custock Photography
GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography001 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography002 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography003 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography004 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography005 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography006 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography007 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography008 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography009 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography010 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography011 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography012 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography013 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography014 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography015 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography016 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography017 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography018 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography019 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography020 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography021 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography022 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography023 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography024 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography025 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography026 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography027 GreyLikesBaby-CustockPhotography028

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  • James on January 06, 2016

    First of all, thanks to photographer, secondly to publisher for their nice presentation. Really, I have pleased after seeing the photos.

  • Robert Austin Fitch on March 02, 2016

    What a beautiful set of photographs…I especially like the maternity & newborn shots!

  • Leanne on December 15, 2017

    Such a cute little family. Do you have a link to that tipi i love it?

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