Oct04 Deposit a Gift 2011

Today I’m excited to share with you a really great service that is an alternative to registering for baby items. Deposit a Gift is a cash gift registry site that allows your friends and family members to give while still allowing you the flexibility to choose what and when you’ll purchase items for you little ones. For new moms, you could use the registry for big ticket items like a stroller, crib or nursery design. You’d also be free to get unique wish list items like perhaps a newborn/maternity session, metallic loafers (I die) or even handmade Etsy items.

The registry is great because if it’s your first baby, you don’t have to fill your entire house with the full range of baby items you might get at a shower, but rather take your time buying necessities as your baby grows. Also, if you’ve already got all the basics from your first one, Deposit a Gift allows you to use the registry for activities, like a mommy massage, services, or diapers.I also love the idea of using the registry for baby announcements!

To check out some testimonials for Deposit a Gift, head here! And if you are already sold (like I am) then head here!!!

Image resources:

Set one (images clockwise from top left):  1. Shot by Brambleberry 2. Max and Lucy by Jessica Kettle Photography 3. Trumpette Metallic Baby Mocs

Set two (images clockwise from top left):  1. Vintage Toy Wagon 2. Nursery 3. Oscar and Emma Announcement via Oh So Beautiful Paper

*Deposit a Gift is a sponsor of Grey Likes Baby.