Oct30 First Hair Cut 2013

The first hair cut is a big deal. So why not go to a classic barber and document this adorably special moment. The parents of Finley are a husband and wife photography team and do their best to document all these special moments in their family.

Photography: Tamra Horner
GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_01 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_02 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_03 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_04 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_05 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_06 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_07 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_08 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_09 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_10 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_11 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_12 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_13 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_14 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_15 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_16 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_17 GreyLikesBaby-TamraHornerPhotography13_18

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  • Lisa Richard on November 28, 2013

    We are a husband and wife photography team based in the Herts and Essex area, specialising in beautiful and natural photography for Weddings, Portraits and Special Events.

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