Feb18 Illustrations in Brooklyn 2014

When you have a dad who is an illustrator, you are one lucky lad with an awesome nursery. Jasper’s dad Chris, who is an amaaaazing illustrator actually designed the wall paper for this bedroom. It features Jasper riding a lion, his mom and dad riding a tiger and his cat – a big tabby named Fabrizio. Chris and Jen and Jasper, Tabby Cat, Brooklyn, wallpaper, I love the whole thing! 
 Photography: Deer Baby
GreyLIkesBaby-DeerBabyPhoto13_01 GreyLIkesBaby-DeerBabyPhoto13_02 GreyLIkesBaby-DeerBabyPhoto13_03 GreyLIkesBaby-DeerBabyPhoto13_04 GreyLIkesBaby-DeerBabyPhoto13_05 GreyLIkesBaby-DeerBabyPhoto13_06 GreyLIkesBaby-DeerBabyPhoto13_07 GreyLIkesBaby-DeerBabyPhoto13_08 GreyLIkesBaby-DeerBabyPhoto13_09 GreyLIkesBaby-DeerBabyPhoto13_10 GreyLIkesBaby-DeerBabyPhoto13_11 GreyLIkesBaby-DeerBabyPhoto13_12