Nov01 Newborn in Brooklyn 2012

This family lives in Williamsburg and lives up to the expectations of those who reside there, they are all really cool!  She’s a photo editor, he works at google, and they named their baby Axel…cool. I’m loving all the vintage maps in their home, the grain in the photos and the simplicity of the images.  Thank you Jami Saunders for such a wonderful shoot.

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  • stroller on November 01, 2012

    Thanks for sharing this informative and helpful blog.

  • Annie on November 01, 2012

    LOVING the soft greys and neutral tones. What a sweet baby and his parents do look pretty cool!

  • Meena @ LittleDinos on November 05, 2012

    Just stumbled upon your blog today. Pictures are beautiful :)

  • Julia on November 12, 2012

    These pictures are incredible and so beautifully done. The way they are formatted flows so nicely, I love how they seem to tell a story.

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