May12 Quinn 2014

Ashley and Deacon welcomed baby girl Quinn Rose Smith into the world in style! I’m loving the black and white stripes with gold polka dots!GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz001

Changing pad and round pillow: Land of Nod
Paper framed: Paper Source
Gold side table: Target
Rocker: Ikea
Parent’s bedroom furniture: Living Spaces
Lamp: Target

GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz002 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz003 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz004 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz005 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz006 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz007 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz008 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz009 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz010 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz011 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz012 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz013 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz014 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz015 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz016 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz017 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz018 GreyLikesBaby-KateySchmitz019

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