Nov20 Thanksgiving tradition 2012

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is almost here!!! I can hardly contain my excitement. I am going to let you in on a little Watkins family tradition. We always go around the table and say what we’re thankful for, and it generally involves plenty of tears as we are a family of four girls. At the end of it we open up THE VAULT (which is a manilla envelope taped shut) and pull out our time capsules (a scrap of paper folded and taped).

Here’s how it works, after we say what we’re thankful for, we write down what we hope we will be thankful for the next year. Then we fold it up with the rest of our time capsules and lock it up to be opened the next year at our Thanksgiving table. We started the tradition when I was in high school and it’s fun to look back over all the things I was hoping would happen: surviving high school, college and grad school, hoping to be engaged, hoping to buy a home, praying for the health of my sister babies that were on the way, and always praying for ¬†health and joy for my entire family. ¬†It a lovely tradition and I will pass it along to you to enjoy as well.

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Thanksgiving Table Photo Credit: FLICKR