Nov01 Guest Blogger: Kelly- Almost 6 months old 2013

selah's face

It’s strange to think of life before this. The routine is so completely altered from its previous state.
I used to sleep soundly throughout the night until at least 8am if I didn’t set an alarm and now I feel like a champ if I get to sleep past 5:30am.
I used to wear a top for a whole day and if I didn’t do too much that day, might hang it back in the closet for a second wearing. These days if I make it more than 3 hours without being spit, drooled or pooped on, I see it as the stars aligning in my favor.
I used to think of myself as a highly efficient person who could pack just about anything into just about any increment of time if I willed it. Lately, I believe I deserve a medal if I manage to shower, get dressed and put on my makeup before 1pm.
It’s unfathomable until you’re living it to comprehend how much time a baby takes.
I work in increments of 3-5 minutes now.
And I group any task that can be grouped.
Meaning, if I’m carrying a glass to the kitchen, I’ll maximize that trip to its fullest potential.
Flip the switch to boil water, throw the laundry in the dryer, pull out the watering can to remind myself to water the plants later… pull the chicken out to thaw.
Because there’s no knowing when I’ll get that many seconds in a row in that particular part of the house.

Two tools for survival:
The Moby.
The Johnny Jump Up.

I never thought I’d be so indebted to these objects, but they have given me my hands back.

If Selah could create the perfect day, it would be spending her waking state either strapped to me, facing out to see, taste and feel the whole world from 4 feet off the ground, or hanging from a doorway bouncing her little heart out.

That would be it. Pretty simple.

So how do we spend our days? Pretty much alternating between sleeping, eating, bouncing and strapped to mom’s chest.

Some days I wonder why we aren’t able to remember the bliss of babyhood because seriously… she’s living the good life right now.

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  • Cassandra Stearns on November 04, 2013

    my life in a nutshell! we are just 6 weeks in to this new adventure and reading this helps me realize how much strength and endurance us moms really have! thx for sharing!

    • GREY on November 05, 2013

      Thank you Cassandra! It is such an AMAZING experience but so completely life-altering! Wishing you all kinds of marvelous moments with your 6 week-old sweetie pie. Someone recently told me they’re long days and short years… I think that’s exactly right.

  • AnnaMaria on June 21, 2016

    What a beautiful memory page, before the baby and the sweet baby. Love your nursery with the handmade quilt and color scheme! Kids really do change our priorities and schedules. We catch sleep while we can when they are tiny but oh so worth the sleepless times! Time goes by so fast. My 4 are grown and having babies. Where do the years go?

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