Jan19 Gymini Under the Sea Mat 2016


Entertainment! I love the Gymini Under the Sea Play Mat from our Sponors at Tiny Love.  It’s genuinely one of the main things I recommend for new mom’s to be sure to register for because it actually works, it’s affordable and really easy to store.  Ellington loves the bright colors and the soft mat is perfect on our wood floors, making it great for carting around our house so she can relax and have fun all over…and maybe sometimes she’s just on the living room floor and I’m lounging on the couch, but that’s a side point.

The way in which all the toys hang above is great for her to find wild entertainment and practice grabbing and tracking. When she was in her first three months she would just lay on her back and look up and the toys and rings hanging and I could almost guarantee that every time she was in there I would get a good smile out of her. From three to six months it was really great for tummy time. Ellington wasn’t a huge fan of tummy time at first, so this was really helpful for keeping her entertained. More recently she is really enjoying some of the electronic elements like the crab toy that plays music.  Also an extra detail, there’s a QR code on the packaging that if scanned provides a story to parents to bring the theme to life for little ones.


I also couldn’t be happier that I can fold it up and slide it behind my entertainment center so when she goes to bed it’s a quick and easy way to entertain yet still have a de-cluttered living room at the end of the day.


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  • Stephanie on March 03, 2016

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  • Sarah Marie on January 25, 2017

    Beautiful Pictures! Inspires me to have a photo shoot done (as soon as the weather warms up!)

  • Dee on April 03, 2017

    Wonderful photos and great poses! Enjoyed the site!

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