Oct17 How to Relish Autumn 2012

Well Anthropologie, aren’t you just brilliant. I want to embrace the beauty and festivity of Autumn with all of my heart, and therefore love every single one of these ideas.  Not sure I can accomplish all of them so here’s my compromise.

1. Knit a sweater, not sure I have time for that. Maybe just buy this one from Zara Kids.

2. Start a Fire

Starting a fire sounds so festive, but us city folks can’t do that quite so easily. And it’s sort of messy and smelly, maybe just this Anthropologie campire candle will do. Now my whole house smells like fall. PS the candle on the right is called Crackling Birch and it’s on sale for $10 only in stores.

3. Take a long walk

Take a long walk…now I can do that. Maybe purchase some new boots for the walk. Boots for me from Nordstrom, boots for little girl Nordstrom, boots for little boy from Caramel Baby & Child.

4. Go Pumpkin Picking

A trip to the pumpkin patch is obviously necessary!!! Once you bring your pumpkins home you can decorate your porch. Martha gives a tutorial on how to do the Filigree Pumpkin Carving HERE

5. Bake Something

The clear baking choice is apple pie. At every holiday my one job is to bring the apple pie, not because I’m a superb baker, but because I use this recipe for apple pie with a gruyere baked into the crust. The recipe is inspired by the show Pushing Daisies (RIP)  I’m not sure I can begin to tell to the bliss you will experience when eating this pie. Thanks Pushing Daisies for making me constantly crave pie.
Image Credit: Lottie + Doof

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  • mary beth on October 18, 2012

    I love those little boy boots. Just love them. And I just bought one of those candles on sale at Anthropologie…truly perfection.

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