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Mac & Mia is a fabulous service that I have recently discovered.  Their experience allows parents nationwide to skip the shopping trip and easily outfit their newborn to six year olds in boutique-worthy threads. Let’s just all take a moment and think about the energy and magnitude of effort and organization involved in a minor shopping trip.  With the help of our sponsors Mac & Mia you can cut out all the drama and have personally selected items to match your child’s particular style profile, helping create some of the most coveted kiddie closets around.


How it Works

  1. Get Personal. Sign up online and create a style profile for your little one. A Mac & Mia stylist will collect all of your information including what you like and don’t like, how you live your life and what types of clothing items you desire. Items range from casual to special occasion for newborns to six year olds.
  2. Get Excited. Based on the information provided to your stylist, Mac & Mia will deliver a box – free of charge – of hand-picked clothing, shoes and accessories that meet your needs and style. The number of items varies from box-to-box based on what you’ve requested.
  3. Finders, Keepers.  Once you receive your box, you have five days to make your choices. You’re only charged for the items you love and keep. Everything else can be shipped back, free of charge, with a prepaid return envelope provided by Mac & Mia.


Mac & Mia sources unique articles of clothing from brands you won’t find in mainstream retailers. Every box is unique and tells the story of the artisans and independent brands that have crafted the clothes within. Mac & Mia carefully considers social and environmental standards when choosing its brand partners.

Mac & Mia stylists are a unique community of women with an entrepreneurial spirit a refined sense of style, and a desire to express themselves on their own terms. They bring a personalized experience to each customer and provide advice on everything from everyday styling to how to match outfits for holiday photos.

For Grey Likes Baby Readers you can receive $25 off your first box if you sign up and request a box by 12/10. Use Stylist code: MACGREY25

GreyLikesBaby-Mac&Mia002 GreyLikesBaby-Mac&Mia004

Box and product photos by Rachel Brown Kulp

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  • Merri on October 09, 2016

    Shopping with kids is something that should be avoided! Fine idea!

  • Leanne on December 15, 2017

    Shopping with kids can be a nightmare so thanks for these tips

  • onoff on November 20, 2018

    Ý tưởng tốt! Thanks for these tips

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