May02 The BEST Gender Reveal Parties 2012

What is this new explosion of fancy gender reveal parties? They are CRAZY!!! I remember when they started with photos of a small group, cutting a cake etc. and now they have developed into these ragers!!!

This one was found over at Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas. Bettijo and Aimee of PagingSupermom threw this “little” party to celebrate finding out the gender of their baby. “Cravings” is the theme of the snacks, which is totally hilarious as all pregnant women would agree. At the end of the party they opened a box of balloons with PINK balloons in it.

Amy Rose King Photography featured another “little” gender reveal party they were able to take photos of. All of the goodies, were done with SUCH meticulous detail, and I’m loving the pink and blue theme. PS- the house…it’s making be drool, but that’s not the point. It’s a BOY
Now this one took it to a WHOLE. OTHER. LEVEL!!! FIREWORKS ON NEW YEARS EVE?!?! (sorry about the all caps, I know it’s intense but I’m really excited) Seriously though, it’s like a movie. Sarah of Indianapoluxe is the beautiful mother to be. If all the parties I ever throw…or even go to…ever add up to this one, I’ll be lucky. This party was featured on Hostess with the Mostess.


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